The Original Lift & Stor Bed!

Get TWICE the storage of any other bed on the market for a third of the price!

Our original Arizona storage bed holds Twice The Storage Than Any Other on the market

With just a flick of your wrist . . . this storage bed reveals a great (and pretty much dust-free) place to stow kids’ toys, extra bedding, out-of-season clothing – maybe even Christmas decorations until next Christmas, or just about anything else you have a hard time finding a place to store or keep out of sight. The original storage bed, our own original creation, is just one of the ways that our 20-year-old, family-owned business, Lift & Stor Beds, can help you make the most use of the very small spaces in your home whether you live in a 400-square-foot manufactured home, a condo an apartment, or an older house with pint-size rooms. We specialize in doing just that. Choose from a variety of finishes, or buy an unfinished bed and it becomes another DIY project. The Lift & Stor bed lifts with little effort with the help of two ninty-five pound hydraulic shocks. The bed stays open under its own power.

Put a Lift and Stor storage bed in your child’s room and you won’t be sorry! That messy room will soon be a distant memory because their bed will become their toy box. Open it in the morning and they can play out of it all day long. When it’s time for bed, simply close the bed, and the room is instantly clean. No more worrying about that surprise visit when you can just close your bed!

Do you sew or do crafts? A Lift and Stor Bed is the perfect storage solution for fabric, crafts supplies, pictures, or anything else! The perfect place to store anything from clothes to snow boards to golf clubs!

Be sure to visit our online store to purchase your Lift & Stor Bed online, or come to our showroom for a demonstration. We have a full showroom in Arizona, where we can provide professional home delivery and assembly.

If you live outside of our service area, you can order your Arizona storage bed through our online store and it will be delivered directly to your home. Some basic assembly is required by using some basic tools and a few strong arms. Also in need of a mattress? We have many different varieties of mattresses available in our Arizona location. Visit our showroom, or call today for more details.

Feeling handy and want to build your own Storage Bed? Visit our DIY section to purchase a storage bed hardware kit.

Don’t be fooled by imitations. There are a few companies out there that make a very cheap copy, and you don’t want one! You will be wasting your money. You can only get a Lift and Stor Bed from us! If you have any doubts, please call us.

So Worth It!

“I definitely recommend stopping by to at least look at their stuff.”
Five Star Review for Lift and Stor

Courteous and Understanding!

“Delivery was on time and they didn’t even complain about the stairs.”
Five Star Review for Lift and Stor

Storage Bed Specifications:

  • Built of high quality industrial strength particle board with a durable melamine finish (this is not the cheap stuff most furniture is made of)
  • Base is 1″ thick and top is 3/4″ thick
  • Auto lifting shocks to easy opening and closing
  • Top is sized to fit all mattress sizes
  • Easy do-it-yourself assembly
  • Base sits away from wall allowing access to outlets
  • Headboard not included, but headboard can be put behind bed and top will hold it in place
  • The platform is 15 inches high, which will make your bed about the height of a traditional bed with a foundation and metal frame
  • A box foundation and metal frame is not needed with this system
  • The overall dimensions of the bed is slightly smaller than the size of your mattress


Twin: storage area is 30″ wide by 68″ deep.  The top measures 37″ wide by 72″ deep (one inch smaller than mattress size).

Double: storage area is 48″ wide by 68″ deep.  The top measures 52″ wide by 73″ deep (one inch smaller than mattress size).

Queen: storage area is 48″ wide by 68″ deep.  The top measures 58″ wide by 78″ deep (one inch smaller than mattress size).

Queen Short: storage area is 48″ wide by 68″ deep.  The top measures 58″ wide by 73″ deep (one inch smaller than mattress size).

King: storage area is 70″ wide by 70″ deep.  The top measures 74″ wide by 78″ deep (one inch smaller than mattress size).

The top measurements are designed to be one inch smaller than a standard mattress. The shocks are custom made to fit our beds and can hold 160-200 lbs.  The size depends on the size bed you get.

Assembly of bed:

Assembly is very easy and can be done with a screwdriver. Even easier with a power drill! You will need two able bodies to carry the top, which comes in one piece. It is folded on a pre-assembled hinge and is quite heavy. If you are putting the storage bed on a second floor, be sure you have space to get the top up the stairs.


The bed components are guaranteed to be free of workmanship defects for five years from purchase to the original purchaser. Damaged caused by water and other abuse are not covered. The hydraulic shocks are guaranteed to the original purchaser for as long as they own the bed.

Available Storage Bed Colors:

Please Note: The actual colors may vary slightly from the computer image.


J.W., Seattle, WA: I love the bed. It’s great. I’ll definitely recommend it to my friends
D.C., Vancouver, BC: Excellent. Thanks for awesome service!

P.H., Birch Bay, WA: My husband and I were discussing our lack of storage in our Park Model trailer and then we saw a brochure on the Lift & Stor bed. I immediately contacted them and they delivered our bed and installed it in one hour. The bed is exactly what we needed and it has resolved our storage problem. I am very happy with our Lift & Stor bed.

A.P., Mesa, AZ: This was the perfect solution for our very small winter home. I don’t know how we would survive without this bed! We loved it so much we bought another for our summer place and one for our son!

J.C., Gilbert, AZ: We have three of these beds and the storage is AMAZING! Highly recommended for anyone to store just about anything.


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B.A., Chandler, AZ: We bought a full sized bed for our 11 year old son and his room is always clean. He uses the bed as a giant toy box and the mess stays hidden. I wish we found this 10 years ago. Thanks Lift & Stor Beds!

A.B., Santa Barbara, CA: The bed arrived, and it was easy to install.  It looks great.  Thank you for your support.

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