Now You Can Entertain with Ease (Without Drowning in Furniture)

We have all dreamt of that perfectly clean and organized home; the one where friends come over and can not stop wondering where the things are. Any of the things. I see my future un-manifested (yet) home as one out of a magazine, smelling like cinnamon and with bright white furniture. It is this idea that makes us think of storage beds or murphy wall beds that allow for the extra space without drowning in all of the pieces that take up way too much room, or felt necessary at the time and are really just an eye sore.

Lift and Stor beds offers the best of the best solution – providing Arizona with a way to entertain stress free and with out the clutter of too many bookshelves or not enough beds. Bringing you the best of both world, Lift and Stor offers storage beds and murphy wall beds that hide extra storage items or clutter and clean up the look of your home. We offer storage beds and murphy wall beds to fit any interior design look and budget, ensuring that the entire process of entertaining (and redecorating) is hassle free and fun. After all, that is why we entertain right?

Now you can entertain with ease.

What does a storage bed have to do with entertaining?

Perhaps it is your first home, or even your first apartment. Many of our customers take advantage of the storage space that Lift and Stor storage beds provide in smaller homes and utilize the efficiency of them. Entertaining can be a process enough – having to cook, clean and make sure that anything embarrassing is put away…add in pets and you have to make sure they are on their best behavior and children are an entirely different story.

Without the extra furniture that having a murphy wall bed or storage bed can allow, it is much easier to clean and organize for your upcoming soiree. Being able to place the bed neatly behind a wall or being able to put shoes, begging or dog toys in the storage under the bed can make or break the space you have to entertain.

Storage beds

Lift and Stor specializes in storage beds, providing parents with toy storage or studio apartments with a place to finally put those bins of winter clothes. With just a simple lift (you absolutely do not have to be a body builder to use the functionality of the storage bed) you open up to space for putting just about anything. This is where we recommend the best hiding spot for hide and go seek ever – but proceed with caution, of course.

Murphy wall beds

Murphy wall beds are beds that have a fold down (or hidden) bed. This means that when up and locked in place the bed is hidden out of the way and allows for the space where the bed would be to be utilized in other ways. Perhaps in this situation a table or extra seating for the party you have planned.

Entertaining in small spaces can sometimes mean the difference of having all of your friends over or having to choose, and we know that you do not want to be that person. Owning a murphy wall bed (many come with built in bookshelves or turn into desk space when stowed away) means that all of your books and precious items are properly displayed and put away while giving you feet and feet of extra room to be able to play games, serve dinner or put up the Christmas tree for your ugly sweater party.

Entertain with ease.

Many times it is the hassle of not having everything perfect that makes entertainment seem hard. Unless you have a massive backyard with twinkle lights to serve sangria it is usually a matter of putting things in their place to be able to lightly decorate or open up a living room for fun and laughs. Although we probably don’t need to reiterate this, but entertainment comes easy when a simple lift or lock means a clean home and beautiful entertainment space. We would be surprised if your guests were not talking about your furniture (and lack there of!) all night and complimenting the adorable space that you’ve made for your guests.

Lift and Stor does more than just beds, although we know how crucial storage and murphy wall beds are to small spaces and what they can mean for the perfect get together. Our design team builds custom office furniture and entertainment centers along with our hidden beds that we offer all of our Arizona customers. Call us today to learn more.

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