Different Types of Murphy Beds

Are you dealing with a tight space problem? If your small Arizona home or bedroom is getting a little cramped, decluttering your home may not completely solve the problem. A space saving murphy wall bed from Lift & Stor Beds could be the solution you have been waiting for. Murphy beds are an ingenious invention designed to greatly reduce clutter in a space and improve organization. Murphy beds are bed frames that are attached to a large shelving unit that can flip upwards and be stored against your room’s wall. Not all murphy beds are created equal, however. There are many varieties and designs available to suit your tastes, your space, and your decluttering needs. Murphy beds are great for lofts, studios, basements, vacation homes, children’s rooms, and offices.

different types of murphy beds

“Bed in a closet” murphy beds

Space saving murphy wall beds have been around for several decades. Since their inception, murphy beds have greatly evolved into different shapes and designs. The original murphy bed design, known as the “bed in a closet” design, is still very common to this day. The original bed in a closet design vertically flips directly up and can be easily moved into a closet or against the wall. Current designs that have come from the bed in a closet design flip up into a shelving unit. This design is great because it conceals the bed without having to physically move the bed into a closet. Not to mention the storage space only makes this design more appealing for its organization capabilities.

Murphy beds of all shapes and sizes

If you’re a fan of the classic bed in a closet style or want to go for some of the more interesting variations covered in this list, murphy beds can be custom built to fit any and all bed sizes. That includes full, twin, queen, king, and california king sized beds. You do not have to compromise size as much as you may think when it comes to investing in a murphy bed.

Murphy beds with closet doors

If you want a murphy bed that is even more concealed and disguised, the murphy bed variation that includes a pair of closet doors could work for you. Once the bed is lifted and stored in the murphy bed frame against the wall, simply close the closet doors to conceal the underside of the bed. Most murphy beds have a bottom bed frame that matches the wood exterior of the murphy bed frame, but an added pair of doors can make your murphy bed look like a closet rather than a large wooden slab against the wall.

The bed sofa murphy bed

This popular design is fairly self explanatory. When the bed is flipped up, a nice seating area is revealed. When the bed is flipped down, the seating area disappears beneath the bed. This murphy bed design is great for guest rooms or studio apartments.

The do it yourself murphy bed

Do it yourself murphy beds are popular for their reduced cost. If you are an avid do it yourself enthusiast, this option would be great for you. Many wall bed outlets, like Lift & Stor Beds, carry do it yourself kits that include the necessary hardware and instructions for creating your own awesome murphy wall bed. There are also many murphy bed instruction kits and blueprints floating around websites like Pinterest.

Everything but the kitchen sink murphy beds

muphy bed partially up in arizona homeIf you want to go all out and have all of your furniture needs packed into one big murphy bed, it is totally possible. Variations of murphy bed can include the lift and store bedframe, a desk, cabinets, bookshelves, a couch, a craft table, and even more. Many murphy bed outlets can custom build a murphy bed with all of your furniture needs in mind, and it is possible to build your own murphy bed with your specific tastes.

Where can I find a great murphy bed in Arizona?

Lift & Stor Beds is a locally operated Mesa, Arizona depot for all your wall bed and murphy bed needs. Lift & Stor Beds manufactures fine murphy beds that are built by local craftsmen. Operating since 1990, Lift & Stor Beds has been providing the Valley with the best storage beds for several decades. When you decide that you are ready to invest in a finely made wall bed, Lift & Stor Beds is ready and available to build you the ideal wall bed for your space. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can change your space situation for the better.

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