Storage Beds are Perfect for Any Stage in Your Life

Storage beds are a great solution for making better use of the space in your home and for clearing up clutter. They make use of the space that is already under the bed to create a storage area that is tucked out of sight. Instead of empty space under your bed, you have a neat area in which to store your extra belongings or to store items in the room to create a cleaner space.

You can use these beds if you are trying to clear up clutter, if you want to make more space in an already tiny home, or if you just want to make your home more efficient.

You can use storage beds at any stage of your life and for any room in your home. Here are a few ideas:

Kid’s Room

Kid Storage Beds Are Perfect To Help Organize Their Rooms!Kids aren’t keen on organizing, but they sure do make enough clutter to warrant it. When your kids are young, you can invest in twin kid storage beds that offer just enough space for a comfortable sleep while also offering a built-in toy box.

Kids can put their toys and books under the bed just as they would a toy box, and you don’t have to waste floor space with other storage furniture. You can use the room for things like a craft table, reading nook, or free area for dancing and playing.

The mattress platform is so easy to lift that even kids will be able to do it with no problem.

Teen’s Room

Teenagers are in that in-between place where they still have many kid-like needs and belongings, but they are also exploring their budding adulthood and they are trying to be more grown up. That means that they’ll shed a lot of the toys and gadgets in favor of things like a study desk, books, and more sophisticated technology.

Yet teens are typically no better at keeping their rooms cleaned than young children. You can make it a little easier by investing in a storage bed, where they can stow items like sport equipment, camping gear, magazines and books, and more.

Queen storage beds are a great choice for teen rooms since they offer a little more space for your growing teen to spread out and get a good sleep. Yet they aren’t so large that they take up all the room in the teen bedroom, which is not going to be as big as your master.

Adult Rooms

Adult Storage Beds Available OnlineAs an adult, it is a little easier for you to stay organized and keep things clean. Yet it can still be hard to tame clutter when you have a lot of things or you are just dealing with a smaller space.

King storage beds not only offer plenty of room for you to store your goods, but they also offer plenty of space to spread out and get a great night’s sleep with your significant other.

Even though you’ll have a large king-sized mattress, you’ll still be able to easily lift the hydraulic platform that supports it in order to get to the storage space underneath it. You can store items like shoes, seasonal clothing, holiday decor and scrapbooks under your bed, clearing up space in your closet and on your shelves. Plus, you’ll keep the things you need close at hand so you don’t have to scavenge through the attic or the crawlspace to find what you need. Shop storage beds online with Lift & Stor Beds’ online library.

No matter what stage of life you are in, you can find storage beds that suit the needs of your entire family and help you make your home more organized and clutter-free. Lift & Stor Beds sells online storage beds so you can browse for the perfect bed from the comfort of your own home. We sell all sizes of storage beds, and we offer a variety of finishes and other design options. You can get just the right bed for every room in your home. In addition to our online storage beds, we also sell wall beds, loft kits and more. Whether you are looking for twin storage beds or a loft for your studio space, we have many high-quality options for you.

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