How to Decide Between a Murphy Bed or Storage Bed

Utilizing your space in small areas is an important part of living in a confined space. Depending on where you live, even the smallest apartments can be on the higher end of your budget. In Arizona, you can luckily get a pretty good space for a decent price, but what if you are on a really tight budget? That means the space need is quickly shrinking to a smaller and smaller size. There are plenty of ways to counteract this decrease in size. One of the top ways to maximize your space while also having functionality and ease in your home is the use of a Murphy Bed.

murphy bed or storage bed

If you are not familiar with a Murphy bed, they are beds that are attached to the wall and the bed folds into it. These are sometimes inconvenient beds, as there has to be an open area where you can unfold the bed when you are ready to sleep. It can also decrease the amount of storage and wall space you have. A queen sized Murphy bed concealed within the wall or protruding from it can look unsightly unless it is done properly. And if your budget is a major concern, it can also be slightly more costly than a storage bed, but they are extremely good space savers that can maximize the use of your space and make sure that you can utilize every square inch of your apartment.

One thing to consider when choosing the type of bed you want in your living quarters is how long you plan to live there. A lot of these beds are bulky and difficult to move, especially if you live in a walk-up. You need to decide how long you are going to stay in that particular location and see what the benefits are of staying or leaving, including job, location, lifestyle, and more. The last thing you want to do is move one of these giant things twice in a year. So depending on how long you plan on staying in one place, this will affect your decision.

Something else to consider is the amount of space that you will be saving. While Murphy beds fold up into the wall and make it virtually nonexistent, storage beds eliminate the need for a dresser or other cabinets that hold necessary items. With Murphy beds, you will have to clear a wall space for the bed to be hung, and additionally, you will need a cleared area on the floor so that the bed can unfold day after day. Storage beds don’t require this amount of space clearance, and you can get rid of the bulky dresser in your bedroom as well. They are both excellent space savers, and you will have to do your research on which bed best suits your needs and which one will just create headaches for you in the future. You can find a variety of styles and options for each choice, so any choice you make will be a good one.

Another aspect to consider about these beds is the price. Finding a good one in your budget might be difficult, but if you just want something temporary, you can usually find them used for less than a few hundred dollars. Usually they are relatively fairly priced, but you should always do your research to make sure you find the best deal possible. You also want to make sure that you find the best quality bed for the appropriate price. Some can be overpriced and some can be suspiciously underpriced. So take to the internet to see your best options.

storage bed in bedrooomAll of these factors aside, you will also want to think about Feng Shui. This is the practice of balancing the flow of energy in your home via spatial arrangements. So you should always try and figure out which style will best suit you. There are beautiful and functional arrangements for both Murphy beds and storage beds, but you won’t know what you like best until you research and see which style best fits your personality and best fits your space.

For multiple styles, options, and beds, check out Lift and Stor Beds. We have a wide variety of Murphy wall beds, and storage beds that will suit your small space perfectly. Maximize your living space and make sure that you are happy and comfortable. With multiple, fairly priced options, you will certainly find exactly what you need with Lift and Stor beds. Contact us for more information.

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