Moving Advice For Relocating Murphy Wall Beds & Storage Beds

Living in a small area is difficult when you want to maximize your space and make the most of it. Luckily, there are tons of furniture pieces that can really help you with this endeavor. Among the most popular of these space saving products is the murphy wall bed. This is a great bed for someone who lives in a small area and would like to hide away their bed for future use. But these beds are not without their own hassles and problems. Although they are the best option for maximizing your space, once they are installed in your home, these heavy beds can sometimes be difficult to move.

moving advice for relocating murphy wall beds and storage beds

Like all Murphy beds, you will have to drill them into the wall so they won’t fall over when you unfold or fold your bed away. Wouldn’t it be horrible if you were crushed while trying to sleep? So if your bed is properly installed, then you will need a drill and a lot of helping hands to dismount it. You will also, obviously, want to remove any bedding that you have and make sure all of that stuff is packed away for your move. The next step is to remove the mattress. The last thing you need is the weight of a mattress keeping you from properly removing the bed. After all of the accessories and effects are removed from the bed, you can then begin dismounting the bed from the wall.

Once you have all the help you can get, you will need to dismantle the bed to its fullest extent. First, you should locate and unfasten the hinges in the bed. Usually these are located at the base of the bed. Grab a plastic bag and toss all of the hardware into it so that you do not lose track of them. You’ll need them for remounting the bed in your new home. Once the hinges have been taken down, you can start taking the bed down from the wall, which is where you will probably need the most help from your friends and family. Make sure you are careful with every single step.

You will then need to uninstall mattress supports, unfasten the side panels, and the wall section. To ensure the best coverage possible, you need to take each step carefully so that no one gets hurt. Murphy beds are sometimes complicated to install and uninstall, so tread as cautiously as possible. The best way to make sure that you and your friends and family do not get hurt is to hire a professional moving company in Phoenix to take care of your murphy bed. Most moving companies have professionals who have dealt with moving murphy beds in the past and will probably move more in the future. Getting trained professionals who are able to lift these heavy beds and make sure they are properly installed and uninstalled.

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For the best quality moving services and friendly professionals to get you and your possessions safely to their new location, come to A to Z Valleywide Movers. Our experts can help move your murphy bed with care and install it in its new home properly. Not only can we help with your heavy and space saving furniture, but we can help with the rest of your belongings as well. Moving can sometimes be a hassle. Don’t let it get you down and come to A to Z Valleywide Movers!

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