Easy Ways To Save Space with a Murphy Bed

Do you live in a studio apartment or have a small bedroom? Nobody likes cramped spaces, and clutter can accumulate easily in a small space. Fortunately, space saving murphy wall beds can be a solution. Read on to learn how to save space in your Arizona home with a murphy bed!

easy ways to save space with a murphy bed

What is a murphy bed?

Space saving murphy wall beds are a type of furniture made from durable hardwood and plywood. This multifunctional bed folds upwards into a designer shelving unit for space saving storage. Murphy beds are often custom made for specific wall sizes and mattress sizes. Murphy beds are fantastic for small spaces or for those who work from home and need some additional space to work.

Why not just go for a sofa bed or futon?

If you’re considering a space-saving option for a guest room, sofa beds and futons are a less expensive option. However, they are often an eyesore and still take up much more space that a wall bed. Futons are often very uncomfortable, as well. With a custom murphy wall bed, you can save space while maintaining the aesthetic of your home.

Find the right murphy bed for you

To save space with a murphy bed, it is important to consider the space where it will be. Are you willing to take up an entire wall with your murphy bed? Do you want a window near where you will be sleeping? It may be difficult or impossible to rearrange your murphy bed once inside a room, so it is important to consider exactly what you need in a murphy bed and exactly where you want it placed.

Utilize your murphy bed’s shelving compartments

Save even more space by placing decor, books, records, and other items that may clutter your room on the shelving compartments of your murphy bed. Some murphy beds can be designed for hanging clothes as well for studio apartment owners who lack serious closet space. If there’s space on the very top of your murphy bed under the ceiling, use that space for more decor or potted plants.

Show off your artwork

If artwork is taking up a lot of wall space in your room, why not move some paintings to your murphy bed? When the bed is out, there’s quite a bit of space on the murphy bed behind it. Placing some paintings there will look chic and can save you a little bit of space.

Go for a desk design

Murphy beds can be custom built with an additional desk attached to the frame. This design is ideal for students or self employed murphy bed owners who want to save space in their bedroom work area. There are also handy murphy bed designs that include a fold out table that is attached to the underside of the bed. Simply fold and store your murphy bed and pull out the table from the bottom. This is great for craft rooms or a child’s room.

Go horizontal

Some murphy wall beds can be designed with the mattress flipping horizontally instead of vertically. This saves even more space while the bed is flipped out. This design would work great with an overhead bookshelf for those with large book collections or for exceptionally small spaces.

Use the space between your mattress and the bottom of your murphy bed frame

Many murphy beds come with a bottom bed frame that serves as an additional storage area. This space can be used for storing out of season decorations, clothing, shoes, and anything else.

Where can I get a space saving murphy wall bed in Arizona?

murphy bed put up to save spaceLuckily, Lift & Stor Beds is available locally in Mesa, Arizona! We are a company that specializes in storage beds, wall beds, and do it yourself kits for building the perfect space saving murphy bed. Our products are made right here in the USA and are hand built by local Arizona craftsmen. We also offer custom carpentry services and create beautiful customized office furniture and entertainment centers. Our online services are the best in the industry, as well. Why lug a large piece of furniture to your home when you can have it delivered? Check out our website today or contact us for more information about the ideal storage bed for you!

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