Murphy, Hidden and Storage Beds-Which Bed Is Right For Your Space?

When you are working with limited space, you have to get creative on how you use the space that is available to you. Oftentimes that means downsizing and getting rid of what you don’t absolutely need. While those are both great strategies, sometimes, you want space without having to sacrifice anything.

Take a look at your bed, for example. It probably takes up a lot of room, which is not an issue if you have a big bedroom, but if you are living in a smaller or older home, or maybe even a cramped apartment, odds are, space is limited. Personally, I don’t want to get rid off my spacious and comfy bed just to get more space, so what other options do I have?

Find a bed that hides or is so useful that you won’t mind that it takes up space.

Murphy, Hidden and Storage Beds-Which Bed Is Right For Your Space?

Murphy, Hidden and Storage Beds-Which Bed Is Right For Your Space?

Here are some helpful pointers to help you figure out which type of bed is perfect for your home!

There are so many smart beds available to you, such as Murphy, hidden or storage beds, and you are sure to find the one to fit your space and your needs.

Here are some helpful pointers to help you figure out which type of bed is perfect for your home.

Murphy Bed

The Murphy bed, also referred to as wall bed, is probably the best known in today’s line-up. Essentially, it is a bed in a box. The box, or cabinet if you will, is mounted on a wall and when you are ready to go to bed, the bed is lowered down, providing you with ample space to sleep and dream.

Murphy beds are great, if you don’t have much space available. Many builders, especially those in big cities and metropolitan areas, are building on smaller scales again to keep prices affordable. This means that new constructions are less expansive than they used to be. Which in turn means there is less room for your bed. If you want to make the most of your bedroom space or even have to come up with a double duty concept for some areas of your home, a Murphy bed could be the perfect solution.

If you need a lot of space for sleeping, you will be glad to hear that Murphy beds come in all sizes. Yes, even king. Fold it down at night and hide it away during the day and be excited about all the space you have when you need it.

Because of their recent surge in popularity, Murphy beds come in any finish you could wish for. They are so unobtrusive that unsuspecting guests will never even be able to spot that there is a bed in the room.

Aside from allowing you to save space in your bedroom, wall beds are a great way to add a guest room to almost any home. They are true workhorses as far as beds go and allow you to assign double duty to almost any room. More about this here.

Hidden Beds

A hidden bed is technically any bed that you can-well-hide. Oftentimes, a hidden bed, is not just a bed that hides in a closet, but offers a work surface as well. A hidden bed may be a desk during the day, and then pull down for sleeping at night. Hidden beds are an exceptionally great choice for kids’ rooms, dorm rooms, and home offices. Most of the time, you don’t even have to take items off the desk as they fold down neatly with your items still on it.

You also have the option to add shelves, a hutch or cabinets to it as well. Hidden beds are super versatile, match any decor and take up even less space than a wall bed.

Storage Beds

While storage beds certainly don’t maximize the space you have as much as a wall or hidden bed, they do maximize what you can do with it. storage beds are designed, with storage in mind, which means rather than having dead (and dusty) space under your bed, you have a nicely boxed in area where you can store anything from last year’s Christmas gifts you hated to suitcases and bulk household items like paper towels, toilet paper and more. It does save you some space by way of you not having to buy and place an additional cabinet in your home, but make use of the space you already have.

They are available in a wide variety of sizes and in many styles, making them suitable for virtually any home. And kids love them too. Today’s storage beds are so easy to lift that your child can easily put away all his toys and crayons, making the room look tidy and spacious.

The great thing about all three types of space saving beds is that you can browse online for inspiration and decorating ideas and then purchase them online as well. Because space saving furniture is in high demand, you will be able to find the bed to not only match your space, but also your style. Regardless if you are looking for a sleek and create a focal point with a modern Murphy bed on which you can mount your flat screen TV, or are looking for a plush storage bed to match your vintage interior design, you will be able to find just what you are looking for.

Lift & Stor understands that quality beds do not have to cost an arm and a leg. Our versatile, top quality Murphy, hidden and online storage beds are made to last. If you are handy, you may even want to consider a DIY storage or wall-bed conversion kit. Invite your friends and make it a fun weekend project while saving a ton of money and creating the perfect bed to go with your unique style and space. We are happy to share some helpful tips with you. Contact us today or visit us online.

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