The Advantages of Owning a Storage Bed

If you don’t know what a storage bed is than you are in for a treat. It’s pretty much a platform bed with storage built in underneath. They come with a variety of options which includes door, drawers and bookcase headboards. Buying a storage bed is an excellent investment for your home and they of course provide ample storage space for keeping many items out of the way and up off of the floor. What follows are some advantages to owning a storage bed.

advantages storage bed

Getting Use Out Of Forgotten Storage Space

The underside of your bed at home can be utilized in many different ways. You can store items underneath the bed unless your cat or dog decides to use it for a sleeping spot. What generally ends up happening to the space underneath your bed is that it accumulates lost items and dust bunnies. You are going to have to get on your hands and knees if you are going to want to get anything that you are storing under your bed, you may have to get even lower. If you had a storage bed the problem would be eliminated. Their drawers offer easy access, and since the base of the bed is closed off you will not have to worry about dirt and dust accumulating under the bed.

Optimizing Small Spaces

Now not all bedrooms are the same. Even more so if you live in a densely populated area like a downtown area, there the bedrooms are as big as broom closets. Sometimes the bedroom has only enough room for a bed, maybe a dresser, a night stand and no more. This is the perfect situation for a storage bed. With up to twelve drawers on a storage bed it can easily replace your dresser, creating more space in the room. So now instead of having a full dresser in the room you have enough space to put a desk or vanity, whatever you want to do with the extra space.

Perfect for the Children’s Room

Every child eventually outgrows their bed. It usually happens right when they become teenagers. They may have had a princess bed or even a race car for a bed, and that would have been fun, but as they grow older they may want to match the style of their room with their age. This is another perfect situation for a storage bed as they provide more than enough storage space for clothes or toys. And if you’re going all out and replacing the entire bedroom set you can opt for such things as matching nightstands, dressers and of course the bookcase headboard. The bookcase headboard is not only handy at storing books, but also small items like trinkets, toys, alarm clocks, pictures and more.

Double Duty for the Guest Room

Is there a guest room in your home? It would be a great idea to put a storage bed in your guest sleeping room. Underneath, the drawers could store all of your extra towels and sheets and make it easier to access for your guests. Seasonal items can really build up, with all of the holiday storage like sweaters, decorations and more you will be making more room in your home by storing all of this under the new bed.owning stoarage bed advantages The smart money is on storage beds for your guest room since the storage bed is ultimately a platform bed, meaning you don’t have to purchase a box spring as well.

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