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Space-Saving Beds

Richard Abbey demonstrates one of his bed products, the hidden desk bed

Lift And Stor has been a crafter of fine wood beds and a retailer of top quality storage beds, murphy beds, and wall beds for over 20 years. We have built our reputation as the leading retailer of space saving beds, and we can help you find the perfect solution for maximizing your space in your home.

Whether you are looking for space for toys in the kids’ rooms, storage space for seasonal supplies, or for a more organized home, our Arizona storage beds can provide your home with needed space.

Storage Beds

The original storage bed provides extra storage space for your bedroom! Not only can you customize your order with colors, stains, bed size, and custom orders, but this product involves simple, easy functioning. Our storage beds stores more than any other bed. With a recess almost 17″ high, we can stow 2 or 3 times more than the storage beds sold by our competitors – and for 1/3 the price!

Additionally, our company now offers great options for every bed size, including beautiful queen-sized storage beds. If your home is in need of a budget-friendly storage bed solution, check out our online store for a home-tailored storage bed solution.

Murphy Beds & Wall Beds

Having a bed that folds up into the wall can make a very big difference in your ability to use your space as you need. Lift & Stor specializes in top-quality Murphy beds and wall beds, which are smart furniture choices for living in small spaces.

When ordering your Murphy or wall bed, you can choose between 8 solid wood and premium wood choices, a custom face style, side cabinets, crown molding, bookcases, hardware style, and standard or glazed finish. We offer a number of bed sizes for this product, from Twin to King-sized.

Murphy and wall beds fold down from the wall with simple maneuvers, and our company provides a variety of custom displays. We offer wall beds with front fold desks, so that when the bed is folded up it can then fold into a desk. Our company also offers wall beds that fold up into bookcases.

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Hidden Beds

Hidden Beds are another great space-saving furniture option for homeowners. Whether for the urban work-at-home warrior needing a space saving solution for his home business, the college student looking for multi-purpose furniture, or the busy corporate executive who knows the value of taking power naps when in the office for extended periods, hidden beds are a space-effective solution for your home.

Our hidden desk beds allow items on the desk to remain untouched and unharmed as the desk hides away to reveal a beautiful hidden desk bed. Many of our clients find these beds are useful for home offices, college dorms, small apartments, craft rooms, and even for a guest room.

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Do It Yourself Storage Bed And Wall Bed Hardware Kits

Lift & Stor is the ultimate storage bed and wall bed resource for the do-it-yourself home handyman. We provide a number of DIY storage and wall bed hardware kits. These kits include all the hardware needed, a cut sheet, and easy instructions for assembly within the home. Building your own storage bed also provides you with the option to make custom designs, finishes, and molding.

Storage Bed Hardware Kits:

The storage bed DIY hardware set by Lift & Stor has all the needed parts for assembling a bed with hydraulic lift. After the storage bed is assembled, items can be stored in the hollow compartment beneath the bed platform. This is a great option for storing seasonal decorations, kids’ toys, crafts, and other materials.

Wall Bed Hardware Kits:

The wall bed DIY hardware kits, like the storage bed kits, include all of the needed parts and instructions for simple assemply. This type of bed hardware kit uses a simple piece of hardware to make the finished product come together. Note that this hardware kit only includes the hardware and instructions needed to build a wall bed – wood and cabinetry is not included.

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Murphy Bed Hardware Kit:

The mechanism and hardware for the Lift & Stor DIY Murphy Bed hardware kit is very similar to the DIY kit for the wall bed. These two bed types are almost exactly the same, and many people use them interchangeably. However, there are differences between the Murphy bed and wall bed. To ensure you are getting the right hardware for your Murphy Bed DIY Kit, check out our online store for more information about hardware specifics.

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Custom Furniture Shipped Locally From Arizona

Our shop is one of the best spaces for custom woodworking in all of Arizona. Our experts specialize in custom wood furniture for offices and entertainment centers, two of the most difficult types of furniture for custom carpenters. Whether you are seeking a custom desk, wall units, shelving, or an entertainment center for your home, Lift & Stor delivers only top-quality, gorgeous results.

Arizona Custom Office Furniture:

The custom made AZ office furniture we build and ship from Arizona includes custom-made and hand-crafted wood desks, wall units, shelving, and cabinets fitted for an exact match in any shaped office area. Our craftsmen can stain to match your current decor, add custom drawers, and install personally-tailored cabinets. We can provide custom solutions for any type of industry and custom wood furniture, shelving and cabinetry for any commercial or residential space.

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AZ Custom Entertainment Centers:

We have a great appreciation for custom entertainment centers in the home. A beautiful entertainment center can incorporate a vast selection of features, such as fluted columns, accents lighting, hidden compartments and shelving, and full ornate decorative trim and moulding. Truly, the entertainment center can be a fantastic expression of the skill and dedication of the craftsman, and Lift & Stor is pleased to offer the finest custom built entertainment centers in Arizona.

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Other Custom Wood Furniture:

Along with individualized office furniture and custom-built entertainment centers, our woodworking experts can craft many other types of custom wood furniture, such as headboards, side tables, custom hutches, and shelving to perfectly compliment your home. Inquire today to get a quote on your custom furniture project.

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Accessories For Your New Bed

In addition to the many space-saving furniture options that Lift & Stor features, we provide a number of new bed accessories for our beds. These additional products are extensions of the bed frames and DIY kits sold and serve as a great addition to your new bed.


We offer a full line of perfectly sized standard coil mattresses. Whether you need new mattresses for the kids’ rooms, your bedroom, or for the guest bedroom, our bed size selection will provide your home with the comfort it needs.

Mattress Protectors:

We recommend a mattress protector with any mattress, and we believe a storage bed, wall bed, or murphy wall bed is no exception. Lift & Stor offers homeowners the option to purchase mattress protectors along with their bed purchase or order online for other home use.

Day Beds & Head Boards:

Our trained craftsmen can also make custom daybeds and headboards to suit any bed or room style. We have provided many clients throughout the Phoenix Valley with beautiful, custom-built day beds and head boards for their homes.