5 DIY ways to Create a Storage Bed

Have you heard of storage beds? While simple in design, they have revolutionized how we see storage in the home. A storage bed is a simple bed frame that can flip a mattress up or up and to the side to reveal storage space within the bed frame. Storage beds work great in kids’ rooms, master bedrooms, and guest rooms for a little bit of added storage. If you have a serious clutter problem, a storage bed can greatly help reduce the amount of clutter in your space. Storage beds are definitely an investment and sometimes can be fairly expensive. So why not do it yourself? Lift & Stor Beds carries different diy storage bed kits to make your do it yourself storage bed project a little easier on your and your wallet.

5 ways diy storage beds

The full storage bed

If you want to go for the classic storage bed style, it is a lot simpler to do yourself than you think. The full storage bed in its original simpler form is simple a rectangular bed base with an inside space reserved for storage. When building a full storage bed on your own, consider the part of the base where the mattress will sit. Reserving an inch or two of trimmed edging to keep the mattress in place will help prevent your mattress from sliding around on top of the storage bed base.

Rolling storage crates

This storage bed idea is rustic and unique. Take several wooden crates, add some handles with a nice classic metal finish to one side of each crate, then attach four wheels similar to the wheel on an office chair to the bottom corners of each crate. After building a bed frame with open space beneath, place the rolling storage crates underneath the storage bed. Now you have storage compartments that you can pull out whenever you need access to their contents. Go with a muddy finish and some stenciled lettering to make the crates look edgy or repurpose old crates for a recycled look. If you’re not a fan of the wheels, you can easily make a storage bed base with either open shelving or traditional drawers for more organized beneath-the-bed storage. Consider open circular cut-out shelving for a unique, fun, functional look that would go great with a child’s bed.

Storage beds with functional headboards

Headboards are a great addition to any bed set. They look polished and make the space seem more inviting and cozy. So why not utilize your headboard as a storage space? There are a ton of designs that utilize the storage bed’s headboard. One popular idea is to place short shelving behind the headboard for books, phones, tablet, and other small bedroom items. This way there is more organization happening and the items are concealed by the front of the baseboard, making the space appear more decluttered.

Do it yourself bed boat

Look for a cool, fun storage bed idea that your kids will love? The do it yourself boat storage bed would be a fantastic and fun project to take on. This project is a bit more tedious and tricky than your average do it yourself storage bed plan, but once you are finished you will be glad you took on the challenge. So will your kids! The basics of this project are fairly simple. After making the boat shape from scratch, add some storage space with a lid at the bow of the boat bed. Create a sort of door to place the child’s mattress on. When not in use, the mattress and door can be flipped open to reveal the hollow storage space inside. End the project by painting the boat bed with some fun colors and you are finished!

Where can I find a quality diy storage bed kit?

diy storage bedsLift & Stor Beds has got your back! Not only do we carry a wide range of quality murphy and store beds that our talented professional builders will put together for you, but we carry all the necessary hardware for building a storage bed on your own. If you need advice or tips, our top notch builders can help you address concerns and questions about taking on your storage bed project. Give us a call today or check out our website to see the types of do it yourself storage bed kits that we carry.

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