Best Ways To Use a Storage Bed

When designing furniture for customers with a small space to work with, like a studio apartment or teenager’s bedroom, every little bit of space is valuable and it’s imperative to have as much storage as possible to keep the clutter out of the space. Underneath the bed is space that is generally overlooked with traditional beds, making it an excellent place to design more storage. There are a couple of ways this can be done, either with putting shelves or drawers at the base of the bed or utilizing a platform approach to make room for storage underneath. There are many online storage beds to choose from, so let’s take a look at some beds with drawers!

best ways to use storage beds

Now if you were to look at a home made in the 1960s you would notice that the bedrooms are smaller and a larger bed, like a king size bed, takes up most of the space in the room. This is common in older homes. This is perfect for a bed that has a base with the drawers already built in. It creates the perfect space to keep all of your extra stuff neatly hidden away. And that isn’t the extent of the beautiful furniture that is being produced. Something that is rarely seen, but very cool, is wheels on the drawers. This of course makes them so much easier to push in and pull out. Most beds utilize your standard drawer slides, which work great, but there’s something to be said about how easy these drawers move in and out. Be sure to find some that are made with wheel that won’t mark up your floor, even though this turns out to be relatively standard for beds made this way.

Maybe you want less drawers? Maybe you want bigger drawers. Well there’s beds that can do that too. Online storage beds come in a variety of different configurations. Some can be ordered with just one or two drawers placed on the side of the bed. Of course, going with one drawer would mean that it is a very large drawer, and they can come in a variety of sizes. Getting that level of customization is nice, this ensures that any online storage bed consumer is going to get the size and amount of drawers necessary for their situation. If it’s storage bins you’re looking for then you may want to check out what they call a captain’s bed. On these beds there is a little bit of space between the bins and the bed so there is some concern about how much dust can get into the bins. A more traditional captain’s bed may provide any number of drawers, just keep in mind they are generally smaller in size. But not all captain’s beds have to have the traditional look to them, as many models indicate. Some can be made to be very tall, while the opposite is true of others. Either way, you’re able to select the perfect size for what you need in order to ensure you use it to the most of its capabilities.

At the other side of the spectrum there are beds that come with the Underbed Dresser, and these include a whopping 16 drawers. In these there are four optional end drawers that pull out to a distance of 4 ½ feet. Obviously, these kind of beds are not going to work in every space, but if room allows you to use those extra drawers they provide an excellent way to store all kinds of items.

There are also many beds that come with shelves and cubbies. If you do a little digging you’re bound to run into a storage bed that uses cubbies in place of drawers. The inside can be seen a little easier than drawers making it ideal for people who can’t for the life of them remember what they stored in what. One downside is that cubbies are liable to attract and accumulate more dust that your standard drawer. But they would work well for people who are looking to store objects that are not typically stored in drawers, such as shoes or books. Aside from cubbies there are of course storage beds that use storage shelves.

storage bedsAnd finally there are the storage beds that use a lift up frame and slats. These mighty beds are excellent for storing A LOT of stuff. As part of the design of the bed they are very easy to lift and stay securely open while you are loading or unloading your stuff. At first glance it would appear that it may be a tighter fit at the head of the bed than at the foot. But looks can be deceiving as these beds lift much higher than you would expect. Whatever you choose to go with you can’t go wrong with Lift & Stor Beds. We got everything you’re looking for and more and we look forward to seeing you. Contact us today!

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