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Are you looking for a more functional room, but only have a small space available, or are looking to create a way to have guests over, but no extra room for them to sleep comfortably? Check out our unique and functional Hidden Beds, Wall Beds, and Mattress Pads for the like!

We have the best value in storage beds on the web. We give more storage than any other bed on the market, for much better prices. In addition to shipping the bed itself to any location in the United States, we also sell the hardware needed to assemble your own storage bed, with full do it yourself kit.

Wall Beds

With Murphy Ready Made Wall Beds featuring a full line of beds designed as cabinets, desks, bookcases, drop tables and more, turning your smaller space into a more functional area, and allowing for the combination of a hidden guest room behind these stylish usable pieces of furniture!

When you have a ready made or custom Wall Bed created as a bookcase, or cabinets, they are fully functional! Lift & Stor Beds only use top quality materials, such as Oak or Birch for these ready made or custom designed, quality made Wall Beds!

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Hidden Beds

Unique Hidden Bed pieces offer you comfort and style while serving multiple purposes, such as The Hidden bed desk bed system that provides you with the functional work surface of a desk, using a balancing mechanism that keeps everything safe on your desk, and even plugged in while using as a bed! This is ideal for small spaces such as teenagers room or even dorm rooms!

With Hidden Beds from Lift & Stor Beds, there are also the option for more unique Hidden Beds, such as hutches, and bookcases, keeping your bed hidden from view behind functional and stylish furniture! Optimize your space by utilizing our Hidden Beds, as they can be pulled out or dropped down when necessary, or when you have guests over, and stowed away safely when you need the room!

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