DIY – Do It Yourself Bed Kits

Lift & Stor Do It Yourself Bed Kits and HardwareAre you a do-it-yourselfer? We carry DIY bed hardware kits for wall beds, Murphy beds, and storage beds. Building your own wall bed is not for everyone, but if you can build basic cabinets, you can build your own wall bed. You can also add some additional cabinets or bookcases to expand your newly created space!

Not feeling like being a cabinet maker?  Let us do the building and you can do the finishing.  Our Designer Series Wall bed is perfect for the do-it-yourselfer.  Buy the bed unfinished and apply your own molding and finish to suit your design taste.  You can do the trim with basic hand tools, or just do the painting and leave the face plain with some custom hardware for a modern look.

At Lift and Stor Beds, we can do as much, or as little as you would like and we will be available every step of the way to guide you. You can talk directly to the people that build the beds and ask questions to make your project successful.  It can be as simple as spending an afternoon covering your wall bed with poly urethane or paint.  If you want to do more, you can get standard moldings at any home center and nail it to the face of the bed.  You can even hang pictures, wallpaper, rustic wood, or a flat panel TV on the face of you wallbed!  A wallbed is a perfect solution for  for an upstairs loft, extra bedroom, basement, guest casita, extra bedroom, home office, or anywhere else you need an extra bed.  If you have two kids sharing a room, choose murphy wall beds rather than bunk beds.  You can add a white board to the face of two twin wallbeds and when the beds go up in the morning, the kids have a place for them to be creative.

Ideas for wall beds:

  • Lofts
  • Basements
  • Home Offices
  • Child’s bedroom
  • Guest Rooms
  • Mountain Cabins

We have many types of Arizona storage bed hardware designs that you can use as your inspiration and would be happy to show you what you need to do to build your own wall bed. Our do it yourself wall bed kits come with some basic instructions on how to build a basic bed. All the customizing is up to you! Choose your wood and finish and just jump right in! Visit our Online Store to order your kit today!  Since you are doing the finishing, you can have a wall bed for a fraction of the cost!

DIY Storage Bed Kits

If you have always wanted a storage bed, but were worried about getting one that is the right size for your home or even the right price, our quality, easy-to-built DIY storage bed kits are just what you need. No matter if you are looking to turn your queen size bed in a storage bed or the bed in your guest room into a twin-size storage bed, with our convenient and easy to use kits, you can do it all. Even better, the hydraulic mechanism makes opening and closing them a breeze and extremely safe as well. Now you have a place to stow away everything that is causing clutter in your home. Because they are able to hide anything, they are exceedingly popular in kids’s rooms where they serve as toy storage or out of season clothing-storage. No matter what you decide to store in your DIY storage bed, we are sure you are going to love it. And if you experience any trouble during installation or later down the road, we are just a phone call away. Explore your storage bed options with the fantastic DIY storage bed kits from Lift and Stor today.

DIY Wall Bed Kits

Wall beds make a great addition to any home. If you don’t need them, they neatly tuck away, and if you do, they are easily pulled out and ready for a good night’s rest. To enable our customers to fully customize their wall beds, we offer a DIY wall bed kit. This kit includes only the metal hardware needed to build the bed and you provide the wood or other materials for the bed construction. This ensures that you get exactly what you need and what matches your needs and the style of your home. Many of our customers enjoy this unique and affordable DIY wall bed solution which, of course, comes with detailed instructions and continued online or phone support to ensure your bed will stand the test of time. Wall beds are extremely useful to create additional sleep space for overnight visitors in studies, craft rooms, your library or any other room of your home. Get your power tools ready and build your custom twin, full, queen or king size wall bed today. And when you are done, you can paint or decorate it to match your personality and style.

Learn more about our fantastic, top-quality DIY storage and wall bed kits by browsing our YouTube Channel. While storage beds have become very popular, it can be difficult to find the one that matches your needs and taste. With our DIY kits you can create a storage bed that is as unique as you. Regardless if you need a twin, full, queen or even king size storage beds and no matter if you would like it white, black or any other custom color, our kits allow you to create just that.

Our wall bed kits are a great way to open up floor space that would otherwise be swallowed by the placement of a “traditional” bed, while still providing a well-sized sleeping sleeping area that is comfortable to boot. If you think that our DIY kits for storage and/or wall beds are just the ticket for your bed woes, contact us today. We will gladly tell you everything about our products and help you determine which solution is the right fit for your home and your needs.

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Of course we feature a myriad of options for those who would rather not build their own storage and wall beds as well. Visit our gallery page to explore everything Lift and Stor has to offer. No matter if you are in the market for a beautiful classic library bed, headboards, hidden beds or even a custom built entertainment center of office furniture, we are proud of our quality products that are made with top materials and a passion for great furniture.

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