What Is Included In A Lift & Stor Do-It-Yourself Storage Bed Kit?

Video Transcript

“I’m Richard Abbey. I’m with Lift & Stor Beds in Arizona and this is our full-size or queen-size do-it-yourself storage bed kit to build your own storage bed. What comes in the kit are two either 80 or 95-pound pistons, for lifting and lowering the bed, and the size depends on the size storage bed that you have.

Create Your Own Custom Storage Bed By Lift & StorAlso, in the kit is three pieces of piano hinge that hinge the top to open and close. And also, all the hardware comes in the kit. You have all your screws for screwing down the top to the base, as well as connecting the corners, the piano hinge screws and then, the hardware for the shock brackets, the top and bottom mount for the shocks. Also included in the kit are, full instructions that give you all the cut lists of the sizes to make your wood. Of course, the do-it-yourself storage bed kit does not include the wood. So, you would find your wood locally at a local lumber yard, cut it to the dimensions in the instructions, and follow the instructions on how to assemble the bed.

If you have any other questions, feel free to call us or visit our website at storagebeds.com.”

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