Library Bed BC-2 Sliding Hardware




This system is the sliding hardware ONLY. Does not include cabinetry OR the murphy bed hardware. It can be used with either the Murphy Bed Hardware OR the Next Bed Hardware.
In addition to pivoting Library Bed Hardware, there are also sliding library beds. Just as convenient as pivoting beds, the sliding hardware will literally slide bookshelves right into place over your bed. The shelving is all set up as part of the bed system – you can use the shelving for books, toys or any other items you want to store.

The hardware is included for assembly and, If needed, a complete cut list for cabinets can be supplied. Many times, customers are working with professional cabinet installers and they will know the measurements that are needed for the bed.

The common hardware components can operate a single or double or Queen library bed. The track is cut by the installer so it can reduce it from a Queen to a double or a single bed. There are 4 wheel nylon carriers and each one supports three hundred pounds. There are two piece aluminum track butts in the middle so the nylon carriers do not cross at the seam at any point. There are top spanner support cases over the middle span and they are covered so it is still aesthetically pleasing. These are made from heavy steel. There are aluminum stops that have rubber bumpers to keep the cases on the center track.

There is no need for a bottom track because there is a nylon roller bottom guide. This keeps the cases in place with no added pieces.

Library Beds of both kinds – sliding and pivoting are stars of the show for all small spaces or anybody using a room for multi purposes.

Generally Library beds have to be professionally installed. This is not a complicated job and is not super time consuming but is worth it to have it done right. Getting the sliding library bed installed means you can slide it in and out of place so it is completely hidden from view when not in use. It opens and closes with one hand and is very easy for anyone to do. You do not have to be a body builder who can lift hundreds of pound. Our beds are made with finger tip operation capability so it is a snap!

Consider getting a library room for your space today and we can discuss whether pivoting or sliding hardware is the best option for you.

  • Bookcases are kept vertical using nylon roller bottom guides thus eliminating the need for a bottom track.
  • Bookcases are kept centered using aluminum stops with rubber bumpers
  • Nylon carriers never cross over one another at the seam with the aluminum track butts in the center.
  • Heavy duty support – up to 300 pounds each – 4 wheel nylon carriers
  • Normal hardware components are used to operate any size of library bed – single – double or Queen. The track is cut by the installer.
  • Heavy top spanner supports over the middle span which is covered up for aesthetic purposes.

Cabinet Dimensions for Library Wall Bed Sliding Kit

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 24 in


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