Top Reasons to Get a Murphy Bed Now!

If you are in the market for a new bed, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices you can find on the internet and in stores. With such a tremendous flood of information, it can be difficult to make a decision at all. There are so many things to consider when purchasing a new bed including style, comfort, size, materials used, support offered and so forth.

Top Reasons to Get a Murphy Bed Now

Top Reasons to Get a Murphy Bed Now!

Have you ever considered purchasing a Murphy bed? Here are the top reasons to get a Murphy bed!

But have you ever considered purchasing a Murphy bed? Or are you worried that a Murphy bed may make your room look dated and old fashioned? If you still think of wall beds as beds that look more like a coffin than a comfortable sleeping space, it is time to take another look. Today’s Murphy beds are nothing than what you may be thinking about. In fact, with living space getting scarce and more expensive, wall beds have become an exceedingly popular choice for bed shoppers all over the U.S. Not convinced just yet?

Here are the top reasons to get a Murphy bed now!

They save space

Naturally, a bed that folds up against the wall, will save you a ton of space when it is not in use, or maybe I should say it frees up a ton of space. Imagine, how much extra room you will have if you love to sleep on a queen or even king size bed. By not having a wall bed, you create a lot of “dead” space and room for dust bunnies to collect under your mattress and bed frame. By installing a quality Murphy bed in your bedroom (or any other room for that matter), you are winning at space maximizing.

Of course, a wall bed is not only a great option for your bedroom. In fact, we love it in any room. Or, you can assign double duty to your bedroom. When you are not snoozing in your bed, you can use the room for:

  • crafts
  • yoga
  • office
  • play area

They look awesome

You don’t think they look awesome? Think again! Not only are today’s Murphy beds available in any style you could dream of (see what I did there?) from modern glossy white to traditional oak, you can accessorize them with anything you like. If you need some inspiration on what to add to your Murphy bed to make it uniquely yours check out this blog.

You can add art, a TV or whatever makes you happy! Try hanging a TV on a regular bad-that’s not gonna happen!

In addition, the way they are made, they are works of art in themselves. Shiny finishes, glass doors, accent lighting. The right Murphy bed can glam up your bedroom in no time at all.

Murphy beds are also unobtrusive, meaning, you don’t walk into a room and exclaim: hey look a bed! The best kind of wall beds are stylish accessories and don’t look like beds at all.

They are comfortable

While they can look like a box or a bed in a closet, it doesn’t mean that you won’t find some heavenly sleep on your Murphy bed. Wall beds lack nothing in comfort. You can still use a full depth mattress ranging from twin to king size to get the support you want. You may even get better support than you might suspect, because by putting your mattress directly on the fold out wall part, you don’t need a box spring at all anymore. Aside from saving you money by not having to replace the box spring anymore, you will find it supports you better than a regular bed would.

They are easy to use

Are you scared of getting a wall bed because you worry about how it works? Pulling your wall bed down is not a cumbersome procedure, but is easy and much faster than pumping up that air mattress for your overnight guests. Easy lift and pull mechanisms make setup a breeze. And you don’t even have to drag the bed lines across your home as they tuck away neatly inside the box of the bed.

They feng your shui

If you are concerned about the proper energy flow in your home or bedroom, you will be excited to hear that all beds or hidden beds are powerhouses in restoring energy flow to your home by virtue of being able to be folded up. So instead of having a energy blocking slab of a bed in the middle of the room, you can let the good vibrations flow right through. Can you say “OM”?

They are in

If you love being in tune with current interior design and decorating trends, owning a Murphy bed is a must! Convertible beds are all the rage these days and for good reason. They look awesome, are super functional and allow you to designate many purposes for any room. If you enjoy furniture that fold up and down, these beds are for you.

They let you work from home

Okay, technically you can work from home from your kitchen table, but a stylish quality Murphy bed with integrated desk design can turn your bedroom into a home office, or your guest room in a work station. Most of our fantastic wall beds come with desk space and even integrated lighting and drawers for your convenience. And if that doesn’t match your needs, you will love to hear that:

They can be custom designed and made

Many furniture companies offer customized design and construction of Murphy beds to suit your needs and style and to match the space requirements of your living space. If you are the handy type, you can try an easy to use and affordable DIY conversion kit to assemble your own stylish Murphy bed.

Murphy beds are awesome. Get yours today!

Lift & Stor has been creating quality Murphy beds for years. To learn more about our wall beds, hidden beds and storage beds that are also available online, contact us today.

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