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Hand-Crafted Wood Office Furniture, Made In Arizona

Upgrade your office with custom office furniture to fit your style with Lift & Stor

Lift & Stor beds, in addition to being the distributor of the original storage bed and a purveyor of fine luxury wallbeds, is a custom furniture shop in Arizona. Our shop is capable of handling any custom office furniture you may need, from a odd sized or styled desks to large fitted wall units and housing for custom equipment, such as servers and other office equipment that needs to be stored attractively and yet remain functional. Whether you need a custom bookcase to create a reading nook in your home or a hand-crafted desk with increased drawer access, we can provide you with the product you need.

  • Custom Handmade Wood Office Desks
  • Hand Crafted And Custom Fitted Wall Units
  • Wood Credenzas, Any Style Or Finish
  • Hidden Desk Beds
  • Wall With Fold Front Desks

We create a lot of traditional office furniture, as well as specialty storage office furniture, such as wall beds with fold out desks and hidden beds in desks. While you may or may not need a hidden desk bed, we are master craftsmen and do some of the finest custom carpentry in all of Arizona.

Custom Office Desks

A quality custom desk is a fantastic addition to any office. No matter if you work at home or at an office, having a desk that matches the unique demands of your job is a tremendous benefit. The more time you spend at your desk, the more essential is that your desk is customized to your specifications. These can include but are not limited to the table height, drawer configuration, shelf space, lighting, moveable parts for computer and other work components.

Lift and Stor has extensive experience in crafting quality desks for your personal work space. Aside from office work our desks are great options for doing crafts, journaling, drawing, and much more.

If you are dealing with a lack of appropriate storage space for files and other office supplies, have us build the desk that can accommodate everything that life has in store for you.

Every office can benefit from a desk customized for that space. Whether it’s a home office or a custom building office, the functionality and personal of your office desk can help your work productivity.

How will we customize your desk?

From the sizing, to the special style needed to match the room, to the detailed trim, even the stain and finish, every element reflects your customized look. Plus we can help to elevate its functionality with compartments for holding computers or other needed equipment, or specially sized drawers and cabinets.

Custom Wall Units

Our custom wall units make the perfect counterpart to your custom desk. In fact, we can make a piece of furniture for any area, including shelving units for display or storage. By having us craft a matching wall or shelving unit you ensure a cohesive look of all the components in your office.

Nothing looks better than a matching set perfectly sized for the area in which you work. Let Lift and Stor help you to put an end to office furniture that is mismatched in size and style, dated looking and maybe even flawed. With our hand-crafted office units, office work becomes much more enjoyable. Make your work space the ultimate in functionality and style with custom crafted office wall unit and shelving from the furniture experts at Lift and Stor.

Hand Made Office Credenzas

Let our carpentry skills give your office the polished look that will have your colleagues and clients wowed. A custom wood credenza makes the perfect piece of furniture to hide clutter, make your office look crisp, professional and classy. With a stunning credenza you can show off your organization skills, your impeccable taste and your sense of functionality. No matter if you would the office credenza to be the focal point of your office or if you want it to tie in with the rest of your furniture, our carpenters can make your vision come to life.

Complete Custom Home Office Furniture Solutions

Let us take your home office to the next level. With our custom crafted office furniture, you will be excited about getting to work. Enjoy our high quality wood office furniture customized to fit your style and needs. If you are unsure of how to make best use of the space you have available or how to tie it all together, contact Lift and Stor today to consult with our experienced home office consultants to improve your work environment.

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