Hidden desk bed and other furniture offered by Lift & Stor in Arizona

Need a bed and a work surface, too – but don’t have room for both? Well you CAN have both with a Hidden Bed from Lift & Stor Beds. This crafty piece, proudly made in the USA by first-class craftsmen, transforms in seconds from a work surface into a bed (you can choose twin or double size) with little effort on your part. Its hydraulics work so smoothly, you don’t even have to take a thing off the desk! It’s great for a teen’s room (or if you want to use a small room for both an extra bedroom and a crafts or sewing room, you could use the work surface for that, too). We have other options such as a hutch and side cabinets to add that custom look to your hidden bed. Call one of our showrooms today for more details.

The Arizona hidden bed desk bed system is a patented revolutionary bed and desk system which uses a balancing mechanism so everything can stay on the desktop (even remain plugged in) as the bed pivots down over it. Made from solid birch or oak and premium furniture grade birch or oak plywood. No particle board!!

Use a Hidden Bed for:

  • Teens bedroom
  • Craft room/guest room
  • Home office/guest room
  • Mountain cabin
  • Studio apartment
  • College dorm or apartment


Love These Beds!

Jessie L.Arizona
“Just had the third one installed and I want another!”


College Ready!

Tom L.Arizona
“Bought one of these for my dorm, best idea!”


Visit our showroom in Arizona where one of our friendly sales staff can help you design just what you need. If you want something even more special, check out our custom made Murphy wall beds and custom built office furniture where we can make custom cabinets and beds to fit any space.

Hidden Bed Measurements:

  • Full: 83″ wide x 44″ deep as desk or 64″ deep as bed x 74″ high
  • Twin: 83″ wide x 44″ deep as desk or 49″ deep as bed x 61″ high
  • Queen:  88″ wide x 48″ deep as desk or 70″ deep as bed x 76″ high

  • Hidden Bed dark wood

    Hidden Bed dark wood
    Lift & Stor hidden desk bed offers multi-purpose furniture option for your home

  • dark wood hidden desk bed

    dark wood hidden desk bed
    Unique bed solutions with hidden desk beds from Arizona

  • natural colored hidden bed

    natural colored hidden bed
    Multi-functional hidden desk bed offered by Lift & Stor beds.

  • sunset hidden desk bed in Phoenix

    sunset hidden desk bed in Phoenix
    Desk that turns to reveal a hidden desk bed.

  • twin-sized hidden desk bed for kids' rooms

    twin-sized hidden desk bed for kids' rooms
    Twin-sized hidden desk bed for your child's bedroom.

  • twin hidden bed for child bedroom

    twin hidden bed for child bedroom
    Lift & Stor storage hidden desk bed for your home space.

Unique Hidden Beds From Lift & Stor Beds

Are you looking for a creative and useful way to transform your bedroom or dorm room into a functional work or study space, but don’t have the extra room? With the hidden bed you can have both!

Allowing you to have the functionality and comfort of a bed, as well as a desk, the bed’s balancing mechanism will keep all of your desk items perfectly in place, and even remained plugged in while using as a bed, as the pivot system of them bed maneuvers around cords!

Benefits of Lift & Stor Hidden Beds

The fantastic hand crafted hidden bed desk bed systems are excellent additions to create a more useful space for sewing or craft rooms, teenager’s rooms as it can double as a study area! You can also choose to create a more custom bed that transforms into a hutch or bookcase as well, with real functioning cabinets and shelves that really let you make the most of your minimal space!

All of our hidden beds are made from excellent and durable as well as stylish materials such as premium grade Oak and Birch, giving you the quality and appeal you desire, as well as the complete functionality, allowing you to optimize your small spaces! We also have do it yourself wall bed kits!

Hidden Beds operate in much the same way as Murphy Beds and Wall Beds, in the sense that their use helps to free up space in small bedrooms or offices, and then hide away when not in use anymore. However, hidden beds also offer an added feature of folding away to reveal a built in workspace for crafts or projects, or an office desk. This reduces the need of having to purchase additional furniture or lug existing furniture in and out of rooms to fulfill the given requirements of the space, although, generally these types of beds come only in a standard twin size.


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    For more information on the Lift & Stor Hidden Bed, give us a call today at 480-380-8018 or check out our showroom in Arizona to view more of our space-saving storage furniture solutions!

    In this category we, at Lift & Stor Storage Beds in Arizona, feature our custom hidden bed products. Hidden beds are great for multiple use rooms such as an office that doubles as a guest room. With our hidden desk bed, your office desk can be used for work or play, but when bed time comes, you can easily unfold your desk into a bed, without removing anything from your desktop. This is a great design for a guest room, or for up and coming companies in which the owner actually needs to reside in the office while the business grows. By being able to have an office by day, and bedroom by night, you are using what space you have to its best ability!