How to Make Your Murphy Bed the Focal Point of Your Room

When you hear or read about Murphy Beds and Wall Beds “stylish” may not be the first thing that come to mind. But today, there are so many beautiful Murphy beds available that they can truly heighten the style and appearance of any room on your home. And if that is not enough, check out our ideas on how to make your Murphy Bed the stunning focal point of your room.

How to Make Your Murphy Bed the Focal Point of Your Room

How to Make Your Murphy Bed the Focal Point of Your Room

Are you bored with the look of your Murphy beds? Do you feel its design is great but the appearance is missing your style mark? There are many ways you can kick up the look of your bed up a notch with a bit of creativity.
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Here are some fantastic ideas on how to take the design of your wall bed to the next level:

Choose the right wall bed for your space:

What type and style of Arizona Murphy or Wall bed you end up with depends on your personal taste and the space of your home. Traditionally wall beds were wooden boxes that were fastened on a wall and looked not really appealing. Luckily, these days are long gone.

If you have the necessary space, twin murphy beds, divided by storage shelves can make your room look stylish and functional. Having two separate beds instead of one large queen or king bed, makes them room look bigger and appear more modern.

Or consider purchasing a wall bed that folds down horizontally instead of vertically. This is not only a fantastic option for rooms that are lacking space to accommodate the depth of a traditional wall bed, but the elongated design also makes the bed (and by extension the room) look more elegant. Even better, these beds are highly functional and customizable. Many of them are available with fold out desks or shelves, or even bookcases with lights inside. Having little space does not mean having to sacrifice usefulness or style.

If you are lucky enough to have ample space available, consider a Murphy bed with book shelves. These will draw the attention of everyone coming into your home. No matter if you chose a cozy traditional style bookshelf, or something modern with glass and metal, this double duty wall bed will have everyone wowed.

Do you enjoy bold colors and clean lines? Murphy beds that hide behind sliding doors instead of pull out doors look edgy and industrial. These beds are often available in a myriad of different colors to satisfy everybody’s need for pops of colors.

Add Style to the Murphy Bed You Already Have:

Add Furniture

Not just to the room, but the actual bed. Of course the easiest way to achieve this is to purchase a bed that already has the furniture attached to it, but if you have a Murphy bed at home and you are a bit crafty, you can totally DIY this with a great wall bed DIY from Lift & Stor. To make the most of the room in front of the bed (the area that many of us tend to leave open and unused in anticipation of having to fold down the bed), you can add a small table and chairs to use it as a sitting area or breakfast table. To make clearing your table away even easier, consider a fun folding table and chairs that you can move aside and that are slim and unobtrusive.

Another great way to make double use of the “dead” space under your bed is with a foldable couch. Not only can you push the couch out of the way when you have guests and use it as an additional guest bed, but if you have one of those where he back folds flat, you can lower your bed at night without having to move the couch, as the bed simply lowers over it.

Of course, you can also add a rolling storage cart, a standing desk, trolley or anything else that is useful and can be easily moved aside at night.

Add Art

While you probably won’t want to hang your family portrayed or any other type of expensive hard to replace art work on the outside of your wall bed, consider adding some lightweight pictures, posters, collages, and photographs on the front of your bed. Make sure that you either take them off at night, when you lower the bed or secure them well enough that they won’t fall off.
If you enjoy expressing yourself, you can paint the front of your wall bed, or add wallpaper to create a stunning backdrop for your images, for example. Whatever you end up adding to it, make sure it looks neat and goes with the overall theme of the room.

Add TV

TVs can be added to pretty much any flat surface in your home. Should you chose to add a TV to the front panel of your bed, you need to make sure that it is mounted very safely and when you lower the bed make sure the screen does not hit the floor under your bed.

Add Fabric

Just like wallpaper, you can use fabric for the front of you Murphy bed to add texture and color. Create a pin board, for example or add some chalkboard fabric to have a space for notes, reminders and doodles. You can arrange the fabric in mosaic, create images, atmosphere and more. Fabric is a great way to accentuate any part of your home, and by using fabric instead of paint or paper, it appears soft and inviting.

Add Shelves

Many fold down beds have shelves already attached to them because they make perfect use of the otherwise dead space under your bed (when it is folded down) and during the day the shelves can be adorned with books or other colorful and decorative items. Just ensure that you mount the shelves in a manner that allowed them to swing down with gravity.

No matter how you make your wall bed the stunning focal point of your home, it is sure to look fantastic and be an expression of your own unique style and way of living.

Lift and Stor has a variety of quality modern and classic wall and Murphy beds available. If you would like to know more about our great space saving bed options or have any questions, contact us today.

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