A Match Made in Heaven: Small Space Living and Storage/Murphy Beds

You don’t have to live in a huge house to live a life of luxury. The small living movement has been steadily growing, and it has shown people all over the world that even the smallest of homes can look truly amazing with the right design and some thoughtful planning.

A Match Made in Heaven: Small Space Living and Storage/Murphy Beds

A Match Made in Heaven: Small Space Living and Storage/Murphy Beds

By using storage beds and other transforming furniture, like Murphy beds, you can enjoy having everything you need in your home without feeling too cramped!

Whether you moved into a smaller home by design or for reasons of practicality, you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort or the things you need just because your square footage is limited.

Murphy Beds

Murphy beds help you save space by putting away your mattress every night.

Wait, what?

Are you going to have to haul your mattress up to your attic every night? Or shove it behind your couch?

No. A Murphy bed features a mattress attached to a hydraulic lift. When you are done sleeping, you can easily lift the mattress and push it against the wall, leaving the floor open and free for other activities.

When the mattress is put away, you will see wood paneling that makes bed case look like a cabinet or even wall molding. The bed will take up less a foot of space protruding from the wall.

You can put a Murphy bed in an office, a guest room, or even your living room. If you live in a small studio apartment, you can use the bed in your bedroom so that you can use the space for other purposes, as well.

Some Murphy beds even come with couches or custom desks under the bed. All you have to do is push the bed against the wall, and you instantly transform the area into a sitting space or a study area.

Storage Beds

Storage beds share some qualities with Murphy beds, but they approach space saving in a different way.

Storage beds feature a mattress on a hydraulic lift , as well, but instead of pushing the mattress against the wall, the lift just makes it easier for you to get under the mattress. The bed is surrounded by a wood frame, so when you lift up the mattress, you have an entire cabinet in which to store items.

You aren’t just shoving items under your bed with this set up. You actually have an organized space in which to put items like seasonal clothing, boxes, shoes, sporting goods, and more. The cabinet ensures that none of those items will peek out from under your bed, showing the world your clutter or creating something to trip over.

These beds can be customized to match your decor, and they come in all sizes, so shop storage beds with Lift & Stor Beds.

Choosing the Right Bed for Your Home

For some people, the choice between a Murphy bed and a storage bed is one of aesthetics. Some people like having a bed to center the bedroom, while others don’t mind seeing it put away when not in use.

For others, the choice is an issue of practicality. If you really need to save space, a Murphy bed is a better option. A storage bed will clear up clutter, but it will still leave a bed taking up major floor space in your room.

On the other hand, if you really need to reduce clutter, a storage bed is the better option. The Murphy bed might free up floor space, but it won’t help you do anything about all those extra boxes or shoes you have with no home.

Whether you are looking for traditional storage beds or wall beds, Lift & Stor Beds has a variety of options to meet your needs. Our online storage beds can be customized for finish, size and other features, ensuring that you get exactly what you want in a bed. Our Murphy beds can also be customized, and they feature additional options like shelving, molding and desks. All of our beds are made with the highest quality materials, so they are built to last. Explore our catalog of online storage beds or wall beds to find the space-saving solutions you need for your home.

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