The Many Benefits of Buying Your Storage Bed Online

When you need a new bed, where do you go? Your local furniture or bedroom store? Do they have a great selection? Affordable quality pieces?

If you have been shopping for a bed as of late, you have probably noticed that you are either dealing with high prices and a very limited selection or a big selection of low quality items. So what options are you left with?-Easy. Buy your bed online!

The Many Benefits of Buying Your Storage Bed Online

The Many Benefits of Buying Your Storage Bed Online

If you are looking for a new storage bed to add to you home, check out the possibility and benefits of shopping online.
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Maybe you haven’t thought about buying your bed online. While about a decade ago this was virtually unheard of, it has become common practice and for good reason. Online shopping, even for your new storage bed, is awesome and here is why:


The internet allows you to have the world at your fingertips, even the shopping world. You can find anything and everything you want online. Not only can you shop for items from a distributer in your hometown, but you can buy from merchants all over the U.S. and even world wide.

Additionally, you are not limited to a certain brand or model, like you often are at local storefront specialty retailers, but can access all sorts of brands, models and versions-often, even at the same online store.

Online stores are also much more likely to have the item in question in stock, and even if it is out of stock, you may still purchase and it will be shipped once it is back in stock.


This is probably one of the biggest perks of online storage bed shopping. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Lift and Stor understands that maximum convenience is essential for all of our clients. You can purchase a queen storage bed or a DIY bed kit at 3 am, if you wish, you don’t have the hassle of having to pick it up, or figuring out how to transport it home, because we take care of it for you. And you don’t even have to get dressed, shop in your pajamas, nightgown, robe or tuxedo.

I hate long lines, don’t you? Online shopping cuts out all the lines, no waiting and still has virtually assistants to answer all your questions. We are always happy to help our clients and answer any questions about our great and affordable kids storage beds or Murphy beds you may have.


Oftentimes, shopping online is cheaper. Why? Because no storefront is needed and storefronts are expensive. Other reasons that online shopping may be more inexpensive is that instead of having items in a warehouse, they can be shipped directly from the manufacturer which also cuts down on shipping and storage costs.

Also, you tend to buy less, which is cheaper for you. Have you ever gone to Target to buy a gallon of milk and ended up spending $100 on stuff you didn’t need or came for?

It’s the same with bed shopping. If you know exactly what you want, that is what you will spend on it. There is no salesperson there to tell you that you cannot buy your kings size bed without matching table lamps and a rug. Buying only what you are shopping for is a definite money saver.

Also you can compare prices, while the same item might be sold at different retailers, they may have different prices due to a current promotion, general overhead cost, sales or any other reasons. Being able to compare prices in a split second, is awesome, so shop storage beds from the convenience of your home.


Maybe you want to gift your daughter a storage bed so she can store all that clutter or maybe you are looking to purchase an easy to lift, hydraulic storage bed for you grandson, so he has a place to store all of his Lego, Monster Trucks and more. By shopping online, you can have your items shipped wherever you need them. Many companies even offer gift wrapping for your purchase (wrapping a storage bed might be a bit difficult, but you get the idea).

Online shopping for storage beds, or anything else can be an awesome experience if you are dealing with a reputable seller or merchant. A few ways to ensure that your online retailer is trustworthy include, but are not limited to the following factors:

  • How long have they been in business?: Being a new online retailer does not automatically mean they are not trustworthy, but if they have been in business for decades such as Lift and Stor, you have the recourse to check out their online review, history and overall standing.
  • Privacy: Does the company value your privacy and treat your information confidential or do they sell your email to other companies so you can receive soliciting emails. Here at Lift & Stor we never share anything that you don’t want to be shared.
  • Contact: Can you contact them if you have questions before or after the purchase? We are here to assist you with every questions and any issues. We can help you to select the best twin storage bed and the most affordable wall bed for your needs.
  • Return Policy: Does the store have a return policy if the item is wrong or faulty? We are proud of every item we sell and we will gladly work with you to resolve any issues you may have.
  • Set-up: If you buy furniture, is there someone available to set it up or assist you with any questions or problems you may encounter during the set-up?

Get your storage or hidden bed online at Lift & Stor today. We have been creating quality beds and headboards for many years. If you are handy, you may also want to check out our DIY kits. Online shopping is great, check out our great selection and contact us today.

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