Hiding Away The Holiday Chaos-With The Help Of Your Storage Bed

Hiding Away The Holiday Chaos-With The Help Of Your Storage Bed!

Hiding Away The Holiday Chaos-With The Help Of Your Storage Bed!

Here are some great ideas on how to use your storage bed to tidy up after the holidays!

Happy 2016! You have survived the holidays. Family has come and gone, holiday decorations were put up and taken down, gifts given, unwrapped, and enjoyed, the kids are back in school and what you are left with is the “after holiday mess”.

While the chaos left behind by family and visitors is a joyful reminder of the most wonderful season of all, it is less enjoyable having to move around boxes of holiday decorations, stubbing your toes on the latest toys or wondering what to do with the oodles of wrapping paper you bought on sale for next Christmas, but don’t really need right this minute.

If there is an storage bed in your home, you are set. While your storage bed served as additional sleeping space for out of town visitors over the holidays, it is the one item in your home, that will help you to make the after holiday chaos go away.

Here are some great ideas on how to use your storage bed to tidy up after the holidays:

Holiday Decorations:

If you love the holidays as much as I do, you probably spent the last few months decorating your home with pine cones, lighting, holiday wreaths, stockings, candles and more. Now that the holidays have come and gone, you need to find a great place to put away all those items you won’t need for another eleven months. While you can certainly climb up in the dusty attic, you may as well make use of storage space you have in your home. Your storage bed is made for situations like that. Just flip it open and you can easily put away all those beautiful items, you have used to lovingly decorate your home.

To up your 2016 organization skills, use plastic containers, wooden dividers and labeled boxes when you put your items away; this will help you not only maximize your in-bed-storage space, but also allow you to find everything much faster, when you need it again. Read this blog for more great storage organizing ideas.

Gift Wrapping Paper:

While wrapping gifts for the holidays is fun and watching your loved ones tear it open in anticipation is very rewarding, being stuck with rolls and rolls of leftover wrapping paper that features polar bears and snowflakes, is less fun. Chances are, you won’t be wrapping anything in paper that reads “Happy Holidays!” for quite some time.

My mother loves to stock up on holiday gift paper in the after holiday sale, when it is marked down by as much as 70%. That’s a great idea, if you have a place to put it. Your storage bed can handle this as well. And because rolls of gift wrap are long and slim, they won’t take up much space and leave a lot of room to store many other holiday and winter related items. Or you could try one of these nifty under-bed gift wrap storage bins from Bed Bath & Beyond, for example.

Leftover gift wrapping rolls, make great toys for your kids and pets, but can also be used to store bows, garlands, and strings of lights. Simply wrap them around the cardboard tube and secure with some tape and you won’t have to untangle garlands and lighted strings during the next holiday season, plus they fit neatly in your storage bed, as well.

Artificial Christmas Tree:

That pretty artificial Christmas tree is glorious when it is put up, and it was not cheap, when you bought it. Why put it in the basement or attic where it could get musty, or chewed up by critters? Your storage bed offers the perfect solution. You can put your tree away neatly, and you know it will be dry and well protected and ready for the next Christmas season. Hide your ornament away too, and you won’t have to wonder where the decorations are that go with your tree. It is simple, fast and logical.

All Those Toys and Gifts:

While it is a nice gesture of everyone to give your kids more presents than last year, they are not the ones stepping on Lego in the middle of the night or being unable to watch TV because your couch has been taken over by a slew of stuffed animals. While your kids will probably notice if you hide away all the toys at once, our easy to use storage beds lift easily and you can hide one or two toys at a time in there.
Your storage bed also offers great storage for toys your kids have outgrown, but you are not ready to let go off.

Maybe you got some gifts that were not quite what you hoped for. Aunt Elsa’s ugly candlesticks and potholders are easily hidden away in your storage bed and just as easily retrieved when she comes to visit and you have to put these items on display again.


Storage Bed for holiday storage
One of my favorite things about the holidays is how everyone comes together. I love having friends and family stay with us. While a storage bed makes a great place for visitors to spend the night on, sometimes you need more space. Younger guests have no qualms with staying on a couch or even air mattress, as long as they are comfy and cozy. But those extra blankets and pillows have to come from somewhere and need a space to go back to hibernate again. Your storage bed is the ideal solution. You can hide all the blankets you don’t need throughout the year (or when you have no guests staying over) and then pull them out when needed. The easy lift mechanisms make this a breeze.

Winter and Holiday Clothes:

How often do you wear your holiday best? Probably just during the holidays. If you are wanting to preserve precious closet space, just store your holiday and winter clothes in your storage bed. You can use a clothes bag to make sure your clothes stay nice and clean throughout the year. Once Arizona is warming up in the spring, you can also put your scarves, gloves and winter coat away.

A storage bed is such a great investment. Of course it is a place to sleep, but it offers so many great storage solutions that once you have one, you may wonder how you ever lived without one.

Lift and Stor has been providing top quality storage beds and DIY storage bed kits for many years. Our products are stylish and made of top quality materials. To learn more about our storage and designer series wall beds visit us online or contact us today.

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