Beyond Storage – Little Known Benefits of Owning a Storage Bed

Storage Beds are, as the name suggests, great for storage, but is that it? And would it be enough to make you consider buying a storage bed? Probably not.

The Top Benefits of A Storage Bed

Beyond Storage-Little Known Benefits of Owning a Storage Bed

Here are the top benefits you can enjoy while owning a storage bed!

The cool thing is that storage beds have a number of benefits that make them an exceptionally great choice for any bedroom and any home. Still not sold on the awesomeness of storage beds? Read on.

Here are the top benefits you can enjoy while owning a storage bed:

Less Dirt

Yes that’s right, storage beds keep your home cleaner. While bunnies were fun at Easter, the dusty kind is less fun. However, a storage bed creates an enclosed area underneath your bed, eliminating a significant amount of space where dust bunnies tend to congregate.

And while those bunnies don’t stand a chance, neither do the oodles of cracker crumbs your toddler has been distributing all over the place. And a place that doesn’t get dirty, is one less place you will have to clean. Everybody knows what a pain in the …knee it can be, having to bend down and clean out the area under your bed which is much like the black hole in terms of swallowing random things without releasing them. Give your knees and your back a break and get yourself a storage bed.

Mattress Support

While a regular bed frame and box spring are designed to support your mattress, a storage bed gives you that little bit extra support you need. Sleepers with a bit heavier statue may benefit greatly from the better weight distribution. This means less sagging of the mattress which extends the life of the mattress and the sleeper has less back pain. Additionally, your bed will last you longer too, because instead of some bars holding your weight and that of the mattress it is spread out reducing the stress of the load it has to carry.

Also, it keeps the mattress in place. If you are a restless sleeper you may have woken up to half your mattress hanging off your bed before. A storage bed keeps the mattress in check and prevents it from running away, which means better sleep for you.

An Additional Closet

Think of your queen size storage bed as an additional closet. You can store overflow clothes, shoes, out of season clothing, your underwear or whatever else you want. And it is easy accessible which means you don’t have to move and lift boxes around to get to the item you want. Many of our clients love to organize the area under your bed as seen in our previous blog.

Previously, you may have thought of your under bed storage area as more of an emergency or stow away area, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider it to be part of your closet space.

It Adds Style

Everybody can decorate with the help of a headboard (and we sell those too), but turning your king storage bed into a statement piece is fun, too. Instead of tossing your mattress on the floor, purchasing a bed frame shows that you have given your room purpose. It is a distinctive expression of who you are. Storage Beds by Lift and Stor

You can create your own storage bed with one of our DIY conversion kits. This also enables you to live out any design ideas you may have. Paint the storage part of your bed in any color you choose, matte, gloss, stencil, it’s totally up to you. But whatever you decide on, will be a unique expression of everything that makes you-you.

It Makes You Look Good

When your mom calls to tell you that she will be over in ten minutes, you’ve got it covered. Instead of spending hours of cleaning and picking up all your stuff, simply open the storage bed and stuff as much in it, as you can possibly fit. While this is definitely not a long-term strategy, it absolutely works in a pinch-at least as long as mom doesn’t know.

They Are Trendy

While traditionally a storage bed (or even captain’s bed if you will) was used on, well, ships where space is limited it has crossed over into mainstream as the minimalist trend in home furnishing. Its understated look combined with its fantastic storage options make it a winner for any living situation.

A black storage bed can give your bedroom the sleek, modern look you love, while still being extremely utilitarian. It is a great way to combine a stylish look with a purpose.

As minimalist ways of living are continuing to increase in popularity (think tiny homes, small apartments and expensive real estate), storage beds online have become THE solution to many storage and lack of room woes. If you don’t have space available horizontally, you create it vertically-and that’s exactly what a storage bed does; it makes use of space that would otherwise be lost. And through ever improving and innovative manufacturing procedures, they are easy to put together or take apart, which means wherever you go- your storage bed can go too. If you don’t have a storage bed, yet, you should get one.

Lift and Stor has been proudly manufacturing storage beds and storage bed DIY kits for many years. We believe that quality does not have to cost an arm and a leg. To learn more about our easy to lift online storage beds or to learn more about our Murphy beds, contact us today.

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