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9 out of 10 kids’ rooms are messy. Okay, that’s a guess, but I am sure it is pretty close to the truth. Kids today have so many toys, clothes, books, and other items that it can be hard to find a good space to store them and keep them safe, while also being able to access them easily, if needed. If you are familiar with the excruciating pain of stepping on a Lego block in the middle of the night, we have the solution you seek. Our storage beds are perfect for your kid’s room, no matter if you live with a pre-schooler or college-aged offspring. In our quality, easy-lift utility beds you can hide anything from out-of season clothing, outgrown clothes that are waiting to be passed down to younger siblings or even that abominable noisy toy that your mother brought over last weekend.

Your Kids Will Love Our Twin Storage Beds!

Our kids’ beds with storage are the solution to many common problems. They offer a great place to stow away items from your kids or overflow from your own closet, provide almost dust free closet space, and are easily accessible. Regular beds may offer stowing space underneath the bed, but it can look messy and your items won’t be as protected as they will be with our kid friendly beds. By adding a storage bed to your child’s room, you give it more function and make it look better as well, because now you have a great spot for everything that you used to trip over. Read on to learn more about our quality kids’ storage beds!

Get Twice The Storage

Why should you get one of Lift & Stor’s storage beds? Because our beds are top quality, easy to use, built to last and offer twice the room when compared to traditional beds available from other online vendors. We understand that you get the most use of your practical bed, the more use you can get from it. But creating a bed that offers double the space, doesn’t mean we doubled the price as well. In fact, our unique beds cost much less than those you may find elsewhere. Now that is value that you can count on. There is no reason to wait, get the perfect bed for your children today and experience the difference it will make in their room and your home.

Kids Love Our Storage Beds

Our storage beds are kid tested and kid approved. In fact, children love our fun beds for many different reasons. They love the extra space that they offer, which allows them to have something of a secret hiding spot. Our easy to use and safe hydraulic lifting mechanism makes accessing your items in the “belly” of your kid’s bed child’s play. Storage beds are cool. Kids love sleeping on top of their prized possessions and oftentimes, our bed is their first “big kid” bed and will have a special status for them. They can even personalize their storage beds by selecting a certain color or adding their own personal touches to them (after checking with their parents).

Easy Assembly Storage Beds

And because we want parents to love our kid-friendly beds, too, we have made sure that the assembly as easy as possible. With easy to follow instructions and quality components, you will have your youngster’s storage bed completed in no time at all. Should you experience any problems during or even after assembly, you can always contact your storage bed professionals at Lift & Stor; we will gladly help you to determine any problems and troubleshoot with you. If you are looking for a more inexpensive option, you may also opt for our high quality DIY hardware kits. They are just as easy to use and give you the option to completely customize it.

If you are a parent living with a child, you understand the challenge you face on a daily basis while tripping over toys and shoes, while trying to encourage your children to increase their interest in tidying up and putting things away. While certainly not ideal, a storage bed allows your kid to “toss” everything into and give the room and instant clean and tidy look. And it will keep your toes much safer, too. To accommodate your child’s need of space and style, we offer storage beds in all popular sizes and many different colors. Come and visit our Mesa showroom or explore us online to see how we can help you to get your kid’s room organized.

What A Joy!

“Trevor is in love with his new bed!”

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Clutter Free!

“Such a difference in space with these storage beds!”

5 Star Reviews of Marco Wimmer PLLC in Mesa Arizona


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