Saving Space With Arizona Hidden Beds,
Wall Beds, and Storage Beds

Saving Space With Arizona Hidden Beds,
Let’s face it: most people just don’t have enough space in their homes, and bedrooms can be some of the smallest rooms in the house. We have all seen bedrooms where there is enough space for a bed and maybe a nightstand, and that’s it. Issues with space can make bedrooms nonfunctional and leave homeowners unable to have overnight guests.

Fortunately, there is a way to solve this problem. Hidden beds and wall beds can add extra space to even the smallest of rooms. These types of beds not only give you more room in your home, but they make small bedrooms more functional.

Hidden Beds and Wall Beds

Hidden beds basically serve as both a bed and another piece of furniture. There are beds that function as both a sleeping place and a desk. These are great for students who live in dorm rooms and small apartments. One can even purchase a hidden bed that doubles as a bookcase or hutch. That way, you only have to pull the bed out when it is being used. Wall beds serve the same purpose. One can have a hidden wall bed designed to look and function like a desk, hutch or bookcase that matches your home’s decor, but when there are guests in the home or a need for extra sleeping space, the bed pulls right out for a good night’s sleep.

Storage Beds

Storage beds are great for renters and homeowners with smaller homes and bedrooms. They can also be the perfect solution for apartment living. Many college students choose to purchase storage beds online when they are away from home, because they allow them to have more space for studying and socializing, without stuff taking up their entire dorm room.

Even if you do not have a space problem, hidden beds and wall beds are an excellent choice for people who often play host to family and other guests. It never hurts to have an extra bed around just in case; it’s even better when that bed doesn’t take up an entire room! We also offer a wide selection of DIY wall bed kits to give you the most affordable options possible.

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