How Do-It-Yourself Storage Beds Can Save You Space

Do It Yourself Storage Beds

Living in a small space can pose many difficult storage problems. Everyone ends up having some extra items laying around the house that need to go into storage. Having extra items to put into storage in a small space can lead to the problem of a place to put it where it is out of the way. Not every living space has basements and attics especially apartment buildings and rented quarters. Though extra belongings and items can be stored in closets there comes a point when the closet can not be functional while still being a storage space.

Hide Items Right Inside The Storage Bed

Fortunately there are ways to include storage into bedroom furniture so space that is being taken up by furniture can also be utilized as hidden storage. Storage beds are one of these innovations that can function as a bed and a place for storage at the same time. Beds with storage can be found online and have a regular mattress on top that can easily be lifted up to reveal a large space for storage underneath. The storage space doubles as the foundation of the bed but has a hollow center that is high enough to store regular sized storage boxes or flat storage boxes stacked on top of one another.

Do It Yourself Storage Beds

There are DIY storage bed kit options for people who are handy and have experience with do it yourself projects. Do it yourself storage beds are easy to build by following a simple guide. As soon as the bed is built it can be used for storage and sleeping. It is easier to sleep soundly when the storage items are organized and packed away. It is also easier during waking hours to walk around a clear space that is free of clutter!

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