Storage Beds by Lift & Stor

Storage Beds by Lift & Stor storage bed company for saving space in your home

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“Our beds are designed to be very easy to open. You just have to give it a start, then the shocks take the work for you. We use two 95 pounds of pressure shocks for our queen-sized bed. For a double, we would use 80. Easy to open, little harder to close. That way you don’t have to worry about it coming down on you when you’re underneath the bed.

With the Lift & Stor beds you have almost 26 cubic feet of storage. We do not use any drawers or hardware since they take up more space. So, you actually gain a lot more storage than you would if you had drawers or doors. Very easy to open, a little harder to close. But you want it that way so that the bed doesn’t come down on you when you’re underneath it.

Lift & Stor beds are manufactured out of one-inch thick particle board on your base, three-quarter-inch on your top. We have nine different colors that you can choose from. All of our beds have black tops and they’re completely edge banding on the inside and rounded corners.

Lift & Stor beds have 15 inches overall height in storage. You’re gonna find that it’s a lot taller than most of the competitors that we have online, who usually run anywhere from 6 to 12 inches in storage. Our bases are able to accommodate a good 12-inch plastic tub that you can get at any local retailer.

In addition to our beds, we also offer a do-it-yourself storage bed hardware kit. It’s gonna come with your struts or your shocks, depending on what size bed that you get; all of your piano hinges, your nuts, bolts, screws, brackets. In addition, it’s going to have the instructions to assemble your bed and to get your bed cut or your wood cut. We also offer an unfinished raw particle board bed that you can do. We can ship it or deliver it locally, and it gives you the option then to finish it however you like. You could put paneling on it, wallpaper, fabric, really the sky’s the limit.”

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