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Are you frustrated with clutter everywhere? Do you stub your toes on items, because you do not have enough space for your stuff? A storage bed may be the solution to your woes. While there are many different beds available today, it is essential that you purchase a bed that looks great, creates the storage you need and is easy to use. Lift & Stor’s online storage beds are just that. Top quality products that fit your lifestyle and the style of your home. Our hydraulic beds are suitable for everyone, as their mechanism makes them exceedingly easy to use. With just the touch of your finger you can open and close your storage bed. No backbreaking lifting and securing of hardware required.

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Our modern and easy to use beds come in a wide variety of sizes including king storage beds and queen storage beds, styles and colors. If you can’t find the perfect bed for your needs at Lift & Stor, you won’t find it anywhere. By adding a storage bed to any room, you will make the room tidier, open up space and increase functionality. The additional room to hide your items is a fantastic bonus, especially if you are in the market to purchase a new bed anyhow. Oftentimes, traditional beds take up dead space or only provide underbed storage, but without protection from dust and dirt. Additionally, just tossing items under your bed won’t hide them. You can still see your winter comforter in its plastic bag or pin peeking out from underneath your bed. Our online beds from Lift & Stor are the perfect solution to a common problem.

The Original Storage Bed
Get Twice The Storage

Why should you choose the Original Storage Bed from Lift & Stor? Because we can offer you twice the space and our prices are lower than what the competition is offering. That’s what value is all about! Our top beds cost significantly less than you will find anywhere else on the web, but with twice the storage, which makes them twice as nice. This ensures that you can stow away everything you want out of sight. No matter if you are trying to store out of season clothing, holiday decorations or anything else, our top quality beds give you the opportunity to do just that. And they look great to boot and of course will last you for years to come. That is our Lift & Stor promise to you.

Storage Beds Are Available
in All Sizes

Unlike many other stores, Lift & Stor does not limit its inventory to just one or two storage bed sizes, instead we have the full variety available to you. Our quality beds come in twin, full, queen and king size to ensure that you will find the bed that is perfect for you space and your needs. We understand that one size does not fit all, which is why we strive to accommodate any needs our clients may have. If you are looking for a fully customizable version of your storage bed, we can help with that as well. Not only can we create a custom storage bed for you, but we also have DIY hardware kits available that allow you to build your very own custom bed. If you are crafty, this is a great and inexpensive solution.

Storage Beds Are Available
in a Variety of Colors

While many big name chains have storage beds, they do not offer a wide variety of colors or styles. Because Lift & Stor knows that each and every client has his or her unique taste and style, we strive to offer you as many different colors as we possibly can. No matter if you are searching for a black queen size bed or a white king size bed, we can help. And of course, all our beds are top quality. If you are looking for a unique storage bed that fits your color scheme and will last you for years to come, check out our online inventory or visit our showroom. Don’t settle for a bed you like, get one you love! We are certain you will find the perfect bed for your living space a Lift & Stor.

Lift & Stor is your online designation on your journey to finding the perfect storage bed. No matter if you are shopping for twin, full, queen or king size storage beds, we have the bed of your dreams available and many different color options to choose from. Your bed should not only be functional and provide you with the additional space that will help to eliminate clutter and dead space in your home, but it should be a true reflection of your personality. Learn more about our Original Storage Bed with twice the space of other beds by contacting us or browsing our website.

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“Can’t get over how great this bed looks.”

5 Star Reviews of Marco Wimmer PLLC in Mesa Arizona


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    Of course, we have a multitude of other beds available as well. No matter if you found us, because you are looking for a great quality hydraulic storage bed, or a hidden bed, or maybe even a library Murphy bed, here at Lift & Stor you will find a variety of high quality and unique beds that are designed to fit your lifestyle. Learn more about our fantastic space saving beds and see how we can assist you to transform your home.