Making the most of small bedrooms

You can live big in a small bedroom with a few easy, unique designs ideas.

make the most of small bedrooms

Reduce floor space

It’s easy for furniture to take up a lot of space in a small bedroom. But reducing how much furniture you have can make a bedroom look bland. Consider how unique wall and ceiling architectural designs can be as eye-popping as furnishings. A mantelpiece, a shelved headboard, wall furnishings, and hanging ceiling lights add flair to a room without taking up vital floor space.

Consider a murphy bed

Murphy beds are great for utilizing wall space in a small bedroom. Take advantage of the cubbies that often make up the murphy bed frame and really use them for storage. Neutral wood or paint colors keep a murphy bed from being too overwhelming in a small space.

Consider a storage bed

Online storage beds are fantastic inventions that are not only stylish, but can completely revolutionize how you save space in a small bedrooms. Storage beds are a type of bed that lift up from the ground to reveal a compartmentalized space beneath the mattress where all sorts of knick knacks and apparel can be stored. Storage beds range from luxuriously expensive to simple do-it-yourself assembly kits and a tailored to the size of your bed as well as the bedroom.

Built-in furniture

Like Murphy beds and storage beds, built in furniture can further maximize the space in your small bedroom. A loft bed with pull-out drawers underneath or a shelved window seat are great built-in furniture ideas.

Bright colors

Painting a small bedroom in cheerful bold colors such as candy apple red or mustard yellow could really make an impact with such a small amount of space. If intense colors are too much for you, consider painting an accent wall.

Use a wall as an art piece

If a striking bold wall is still a little too much for you, consider using an accent wall as an art piece. Wallpaper is coming back with vengeance and there are many beautiful, artistic designs that seem more like works of art than simple prints. Using wallpaper is a great alternative to displayed a large frame painting in a small space, because you can lean against the wall or put furniture up against it while still adding artistic flair to a room.

Corner shelves

Corner shelves utilize unused space in a decorative way. Use them to show off potted plants, books, or knick knacks while breaking up blank space.


Plants are fantastic for bedrooms. They add fragrance, clean the air, and add an element of, well, the elements. Potted plants are great for creating a sort of privacy screen on windowsills while still allowing space for you too look out from in.


Minimalist, sterile white is a great color theme to use in a small space because it gives the illusion of a bigger space. Small pops of color here and there can break up all the white in the space to make it more homey.

Floating storage

Floating cabinets or shelves on walls is a great way to replace space-sucking and bulky dresser. Floating shelves are very easy to install and are easy to DIY as well.

Let the light in!

Open windows without blinds or curtains may seem a little unnerving. However, adding natural light and a transparent element to a small bedroom really gives it a boost in visual size. Consider frosted windows for some added privacy while still having that open feel.

Trundle beds vs. bunk-beds

Trundles beds are great because they save space the same as bunk-beds but are usually much safer. You won’t have to worry about children falling off and getting hurt with trundle beds; they sit relatively low off the ground and break up space very well with taking up too much of it.

Woven linens

Woven linens are great for a small space and add a comforting, tranquil look to a small space that may feel claustrophobic at times.

Ceiling wood panelling

Ceiling wood paneling gives a room that rustic, exposed look that is very comfy. Comfiness is the goal with designing a small room, as the space available can often be too small to be enjoyable. Little details like exposed ceiling wood make a space look softer without taking up livable space.
the best of small rooms

Goodbye, closet doors!

Closet doors can take up a ton of space in a room when opened. Consider replacing the door with a fashionable curtain made of woven linen or sheet vinyl to compliment the theme of your small bedroom while reducing clutter.

Storage beds with a modern flair

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