Tips on Extending the Life Expectancy of Your Storage Bed Mattress

What are the effects of using a storage bed mattress that is well past its prime? The outcome is the same as using any other old mattress. There are many negative consequences, and surprisingly few people put the symptoms together with their old mattress.

Tips on Extending the Life Expectancy of Your Storage Bed Mattress

Tips on Extending the Life Expectancy of Your Storage Bed Mattress
Do you have a Lift & Stor storage bed? Here are a few tips for extending the life expectancy of your mattress!

Sleeping on an old mattress that does not properly support the spine can cause muscle pain, backaches, insomnia and daytime sleepiness. One of the more dangerous consequences is that the buildup of dust mites contained in an old mattress can trigger asthma attacks, along with other allergy symptoms. The fatigue associated with subpar sleep can have insidious effects such as lack of exercise, obesity, mood swings, poor memory, and low productivity at your job.

Experts advise replacing your existing mattress every 5 to 10 years, depending on its quality and the care you have taken with it. A new mattress is a big investment, so you will want to do your best to keep it in good condition for as long as possible.

Get a Mattress Cover

You may want two mattress covers. For the best protection you can start with a zippered cover that encases the entire mattress, similar to a pillow case. This helps keep out the dust. Follow that with a protective mattress pad with stretchy sides similar to a fitted sheet. The mattress pad should be easy to launder so that it doesn’t collect dust.

Bed sheets should be laundered weekly. Launder the mattress cover and vacuum the mattress at least once a month, possibly more. This is especially true if you are to believe the claims that the weight of a mattress can increase 10% each year due to oil, moisture, dead skin cells, the dust mites that feed off dead skin cells, and the waste those dust mites produce! Yikes!

Clean Gently

Never use harsh cleaning products or dry-cleaning solutions on a mattress. They contain chemicals that may break down the cushy stuffing materials in your mattress. To remove a spill or stain, first blot it to remove as much liquid as possible. Then lightly sponge the area with a clean cloth dipped in a mixture of dish soap and cold water. Don’t scrub or over wet the mattress.

It’s also helpful to air your mattress if possible, by leaving it uncovered in front of an open, sunny window. This will keep it smelling fresh and sunlight can actually kill bacteria.

Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions

Older mattresses were meant to be flipped over every few months, but newer pillow top mattresses are not meant to be flipped over. They can however be rotated 180° every few months in order to prevent uneven wearing.

Handle With Care

Try to avoid sitting on the edge of your mattress as this can cause uneven wear and break down the bindings and seems. When moving a mattress, be careful not to bend it, as this can result in permanent damage. Likewise, don’t lift it using only the handles. Oddly enough, these handles are not meant to bear the full weight of a mattress, but rather to help support it, or to tie it down.

No Jumping

This should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. Don’t jump on the bed! This can damage both the pillow top and the interior springs and core.

The best way to prolong the life expectancy of your mattress is to purchase a high quality mattress to begin with. At Lift & Stor Beds, we have a wide variety of online storage beds that are manufactured in the Phoenix area. We ship our storage beds nationwide including San Diego, New York City, Miami, and Boston. Order your storage bed online today!

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