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With its temperate weather, scenic geography, world famous tourist attractions, and an education system that is the envy of the nation, San Diego, CA is a haven for families who want to live in comfort and style. This city boasts a population of well over one million people and continues to attract tourists and newcomers each year. Located in the southernmost tip of California, San Diego offers residents a variety of residential options. People can buy one of the area’s beautiful houses, lease an apartment or condominium, or custom build their own home. Whatever option they choose, people who move to this city also typically want to maximize their storage space. When they want storage spaces beyond closets and basements, families can take advantage of the innovative design of a Lift & Stor Murphy bed.

Murphy Wall Beds

Many people are not sure what a Murphy bed is or what advantages there are to choosing Murphy wall beds. In fact, these furnishings offer more than traditional beds that sit on the floor and take up space. Many families struggle to keep their bedrooms spacious and accommodating. Children like to leave toys strewn about their rooms, teens may leave clothing and other belongings out, and even adults might crowd their rooms with stacks of boxes and belongings.

However, when they choose Murphy wall beds, families can allow for more space in their bedrooms and avoid the messes and crowding that go along with having traditional beds. A DIY murphy bed can be placed within the wall during the day or when not being used and pulled out when the person is ready to go to sleep for the night. In the meantime, people can use the room for whatever purpose without having to accommodate extra space for a bed.

While the idea of putting away a bed and taking it out again at night may appeal to many people, they may worry that these kinds of storage beds can be unsightly and take away from their home’s beauty. These individuals can be assured that their Lift & Stor storage beds can be customized to match any décor and fashioned into a design that is useful and elegant. If a family has a particular style in their home, they can custom order a bed that matches their design needs. The manufacturer of these storage beds works with each customer to guarantee that their Murphy wall beds are

what that particular individual needs and that these furnishings add rather than take away from a home’s beauty.

These furnishings can also be made to blend into a home’s walls. If a home features a particular grain of wood, the bed can be customized to match that specific type of wood, thus camouflaging the bed while it is inside the wall. People who are unfamiliar with the home can pass by the wall bed without ever knowing that it is there. Further, many families need particular sizes when it comes to these beds. Couples, for example, often need a queen or king size bed to accommodate both of them sleeping in the bed. When they choose the services at Lift & Stor, families can request any size bed that they need with the assurance that their San Diego wall bed will satisfy their sleeping and storage requirements.

With this assurance, families can make the most out of their lives in San Diego. This city offers locals a lifestyle that cannot be found in other places. With their sleeping and storage needs met by the innovative designs at Lift & Stor, families can enjoy their homes.

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