What’s your sleep style?

What's Your Sleep Style? By Lift & Stor BedsSome of us are good sleepers, some of us are bad sleepers. Analyzing sleep is a huge industry and understandably so! We spend a third of our lifetime sleeping!

Some people fall asleep to the tv in the background while others find the sound and lights of the TV to be completely sleep preventative.

Some others may listen to soft radio or white noise machines to help soothe them to sleep while others want total silence.

Some people are extremely light sensitive and cannot sleep if even a smidge of light comes in through the window. Black out shades are a must for those individuals.

Others read in bed to relax before dozing off while other people find reading in bed stimulates them and causes them to stay up.

Some use sleeping pills – others don’t want to use medications.

Mattress preferences also differ – do you like a soft mushy mattress or a harder firmer one? What about pillows? Some people swear by tempurpedic and others hate them. There are as many preferences as there are people, just about.

Insomnia is another big issue for people. There are various types of insomnia such as temporary insomnia due to a current life stress such as a new job or health problems in the family or other stress. Once the stress is alleviated, sleep returns to normal. Children can suffer from behavioral insomnia if their parents don’t enforce a strict bedtime. When a tight bedtime is kept throughout childhood, good sleep patterns are formed. Idiopathic insomnia is long term insomnia which usually starts in infancy, the cause of it not quite known but it is where your body’s cycle of awakening is overactive or the sleep factor is underactive but there is an imbalance in the body. Substances such as alcohol, coffee or other drugs can prevent sleep as well. Many insomniacs suffer from overstimulation where they cannot just relax and “go to sleep” due to being hyper aware of their outside environment.

With so many opinions both in the professional world and in the minds of people, finding the “perfect sleep situation” for someone can be difficult. What most everyone can agree on is that a comfortable bed and a clean, quiet room is a good start.

That’s why at Lift & Stor Beds we want to make sure you never have Aunt Betty sleeping on the couch or that blow up bed you store in the attic. Or when grandma comes to visit you give up your comfy bed for her and wake up with a back ache and sore neck from sleeping on the floor! We can design a wall bed for you that fits your space, works in your budget and looks like a million bucks. Whether it is the Next Bed, the Library Bed, or a Murphy bed or wall bed, Lift & Stor Beds have it. We want you and your guests to get a good night sleep, whatever your sleep style! Single, Double, Queen, we have them all. These are not your old fashioned awful pull out couch beds either. This is a real bed, made for a good night’s sleep! Call Lift & Stor Beds today and find out what we can do for you now!

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