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Boston Storage Beds Available from Lift & Stor

Boston Storage Beds by Lift & Stor
Lift & Stor Beds informs residents of Boston about the available space-saving furniture option of storage beds.
Boston, Massachusetts

The city by the sea isn’t exactly known for its cheap real estate. All that history and culture comes at a steep price tag. Many people save by choosing a home or apartment with a bit less square footage. However, choosing a smaller place doesn’t have to mean settling for less space. Lift & Stor beds offers the space-saving solutions that Boston needs.

Some of our most popular space-saving furniture in Boston includes the storage bed. A hand-crafted storage bed makes the best use of the space under the bed by allowing you easy access to it. You can stuff every inch of area under the bed, and you can easily get to any of it at any time by lifting the mattress. The platform raises easily, and the sides of the bed are covered so no one can see what you’ve got hiding under there.

If you prefer, our DIY bed kits allow you to save some money while also fitting your space with your specific needs. Since you are installing them yourself, you can make modifications to the kits to fit your space the way you need.

Many homeowners in Boston, MA, struggle to find that extra space for their holiday decorations, office supplies, kids’ toys, and other items. With a Lift & Stor storage bed in Boston, you can optimize your space and reduce the amount of clutter in your home. If a storage bed doesn’t seem right for you, our luxury wall beds and hidden desk bed systems are perfect for Boston homeowners with a home office – or even for homeowners that need multi-functional bedrooms for visitors during the holiday season. For additional purpose, try a murphy wall bed sofa!

Looking for the perfect solution to save additional space in your Boston, MA, home? Check out our online catalog or contact Lift & Stor today to find the Boston space saving furniture solutions that you need to make your home feel more spacious and comfortable.

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