Unique Space-Saving Solutions for Kids and Teens

MUnique Space-Saving Solutions for Kids and Teens

Unique Space-Saving Solutions for Kids and Teens

There are so many fun space saving options for kids and teens.

Most kids aren’t really that worried about having more space in their bedrooms or study spaces. Just look in any kid’s room and you’ll see that most of them are happy to keep the space jam-packed with toys, clothes, and other random odds and ends. It’s the parents who aren’t too happy about it.

Fortunately, there are many pieces of furniture, like space-saving beds, that can make both parties happy. Kids get a cool piece of furniture that they like, and parents get to see more floor space in their children’s rooms.

Here are a few unique space-saving solutions you might want to try for your kids’ or teens’ rooms:

Murphy Beds

A Murphy wall bed is one that folds up against the wall when not in use. The mattress is tucked out of sight inside a cabinet, creating a nice bit of floor space during the day.

Kids will love themed Murphy wall beds, which decorate the cabinet to look like some other object. For example, one father in New Zealand created a Murphy wall bed that looked like a tardis from the Dr. Who television series. The blue cabinet was designed to look like the telephone booth, but when the doors opened, it revealed a platform holding the mattress.

You can create other customized looks based on your children’s interests, or you can choose the details based on your own design preferences.

Murphy Tables

The idea behind a Murphy table is very similar to the space-saving beds of the same name. The platform pushes up against the wall when it is not in use.

Murphy tables are an excellent choice for kids, who can use them for arts and crafts activities. Kids have a way of moving on to the next activity very quickly, and these tables are easy to put away or take down as needed. You don’t to worry about a table always being out and taking up space or creating an obstacle for running children.

Fold-Up Desks

Older children and teenagers might prefer a desk for study rather than craft time. A fold-up desk is a great piece of space-saving furniture that provides some flexibility for the space. When it’s time for homework, your teen can open the door on the wall cabinet and fold out the desk. When homework is finished, the desk can be put away just as easily, creating a clean and open space for other activities.

Space Savers for Teens and Kids

Lift & Stor Beds sells a variety of space-saving beds to fit any space. You can find a gorgeous Murphy wall bed for your children’s room or even your own bedroom. We also sell do-it-yourself kits that give you the flexibility to customize your unit however you like. You can even create some inventive themed beds that will make your kids excited about bed time. Explore our online catalog to find the right space-saving solutions for your home or call us for more information.

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