Why Are Arizona Space-Saving Beds So Popular Again?

Why Are Arizona Space-Saving Beds So Popular Again?

Why Are Arizona Space-Saving Beds So Popular Again?

Here are a few reasons why storage and Murphy wall beds have made a revival in recent years.

Space-saving beds like the Murphy wall bed have been around for more than 100 years, but some of their popularity dwindled after the second World War when people started moving out of apartments and into houses. It’s not that people weren’t living in apartments anywhere — they just started favoring larger homes and had the means to buy them. Fewer people were stuck in cramped apartments and looking for innovative solutions to maximize space.

Space-saving beds like lift up storage beds have seen a revival in the past few years though. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

Competitive Housing Market

The housing market has grown a lot more competitive lately — more so if you live in a large, metropolitan area. That means that even if you find a great deal on a huge home on a nice piece of property, you may not get it. Someone else may come along and snap up your dream home before you ever have a chance to make an offer — let alone get into a bidding war. You might end up with a home that is smaller than what you’d like, and a space-saving bed like a Murphy desk bed can help you maximize the space you do have.

Real Estate is Expensive

Real estate is also a lot more expensive these days, so your dollar won’t stretch quite as far as it used to. Even in smaller cities, you likely can’t afford a home as large as you once could. In larger cities, you’ll be lucky to get an apartment much bigger than a studio without ponying up some serious cash.

A hydraulic lift storage bed or a Murphy wall desk bed can both help you maximize your space. You can eliminate the need for a dresser with a storage bed or turn a living room into a bedroom with a Murphy bed.

Greater Variety is Available

Comeback of Storage Bed
One of the main reasons that space-saving beds are becoming so popular again is that more people are learning about how stylish and versatile they are. There are a variety of bed styles, including Murphy beds, storage beds and hidden beds, which also offer different functionality. The beds also come in different finishes, such as wood stains, modern white glossy exteriors, and more. They even come with different accessories, such as bookshelves, tables, desks, and more.

Lift & Stor Beds offers a wide selection of options for our space-saving beds. You can choose any size bed you want and just about any decor options. You can choose from multiple painted colors, or you can opt for a traditional wood stain. You can choose different options such as a Murphy desk bed or one with shelves or other accessories. We have lift-up storage beds and DIY wall beds, as well. You can find the space-saving bed you need for any room in your house, and you can design it to have any look you like. Explore our catalog or contact us today to find the right bed for you.

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