Top Ways to Optimize Modern Bedroom Space

Not everyone can have a bedroom that looks like the penthouse suite at a five-star hotel. Most of us have just enough room for our bed and a couple of dressers or chests for our clothes. If you’re lucky, you might have a little more space to fit a side chair or a small desk for some study space.

Top Ways to Optimize Modern Bedroom Space

Top Ways to Optimize Modern Bedroom Space

You can get more room in your bedroom by using some smart design tips! Here are a few top ways that you can optimize your modern bedroom space!

Yet if you scroll through Pinterest or other decor sites for ideas on how to spruce up your space, you’ll find picture after picture of rooms that have seating areas, gorgeous vanities, and expansive space so that you aren’t always bumping into the furniture.

Instead of shopping for a new house or knocking down a wall to combine two bedrooms into one, you can get more room in your bedroom by using some smart design tips. Here are a few top ways that you can optimize your modern bedroom space:

Invest in Space-Saving Beds

When you think of a space-saving bed, you likely think of a trundle bed or a pull-out sofa. Modern furniture options are much more stylish than that.

Storage beds look like basic platform beds with an enclosed bottom. However, you can raise the platform on which the mattress rests to reveal an entire cubby area below in which to store your things. This is far better than just shoving stuff under your bed because the entire area is enclosed and no one is the wiser. The bed looks stylish, but it can conceal all kinds of boxes and other clutter that would otherwise be taking up space in your room.

Hidden beds are beds that can be pushed into the wall when they are not in use. Again, the mattress rests on a platform that you can easily lift up. The mattress tucks away in a cabinet that is disguised like another piece of furniture, such as a wardrobe or a bookshelf. When you aren’t using the mattress, these beds clear up a significant amount of floor space.

Consider a DIY Storage Bed

You can permanently clear the floor space that your bed takes up by investing in a DIY storage bed kit. DIY space saving kits give you the flexibility to arrange your room however you like without having to invest a lot of money in a contractor to redesign the room to add more square footage.

Optimize Closet Space

Your closet may seem small, but you may be amazed at what it can do if given the right tools. By installing multiple tiers of shelves or closet organization systems, you can optimize that space to fit much more. With the right organization, you can eliminate your dresser entirely and fit your whole wardrobe in your closet.
Getting rid of clunky pieces of furniture will help you create more room for other uses.

Make Creative Use of Wardrobes

A large wardrobe or cabinet can hold a lot of clothing and other personal items. If your room is stocked to the gills with clutter, you can invest in three or four wardrobes to run the length of the wall and hold everything you need. These wardrobes will look like built-in cabinets, so they won’t appear to be taking up a lot of space in the room. You can streamline the space and get rid of dressers and other furniture in the room.

Lift & Stor Beds sells a variety of storage beds, hidden beds and DIY space saving kits to help you make better use of even the smallest spaces. These stylish beds can help you create a unique look for your room while also minimizing clutter and making the space more livable. Explore our online catalog today to find the right options to suit your needs and to match your home decor.

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