Double Duty- Great Room Combinations that Integrate your Arizona Murphy Bed

If you have been in the market for a new home or apartment lately, you will have noticed that housing prices keep climbing which causes many prospective homeowners to settle on smaller properties or apartments than they originally had in mind. However, owning or living in a smaller space does not have to mean you can’t live like you want, if you know how to make the most out of what you got. A great way of doing this is to assign some rooms double duty and using them for more than one purpose. Of course, you will need the furniture that allows this to happen.

Transforming furniture is a great way to accomplish this. And while murphy and wall beds were originally designed to make it possible to sleep in the smallest of space, today they are true multitaskers that allow your rooms to serve more than just one purpose. If you have wanted to turn your guest room in something more, read on.

Double Duty- Great Room Combinations that Integrate your Arizona Murphy Bed

Double Duty- Great Room Combinations that Integrate your Arizona Murphy Bed

Here are the best room combinations you can create with the help of a wall bed!
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Here are the best room combinations you can create with the help of a wall bed:

Guest Room-Office

A wall bed is a great way to combine your office and guest bedroom. While you want a bright airy room that allows you to work and be creative, your office also makes a great guest bedroom, if needed. And it is easy to do. Today there are a myriad of wall beds that can transform your guest room in an office or vice versa. Murphy beds with desks have become increasingly popular over the last few years. These desks may be attached to the side of the bed, or even swing up and down under the bed, depending on how your bed is constructed. Often they are even combined with shelving and storage drawers to allow for a great maximization of space and give you the option to store everything away.

When not in use the wall bed will simply look like a cabinet or bookcase. They are available in many different style, color and material options to ensure that they harmonize with the other features of your office and home. If you have guests over, simply pull down the front to reveal a comfortable bed. In the morning everything gets tucked neatly away until it is needed again.

Guest Room-Library

If you enjoy books, you will enjoy library beds. Beautiful and spacious book shelves hide luxurious Murphy beds. What fun, when after an evening of reading books by the fire, you won’t have to leave the cozy room to go to bed. Unless you have guests, who need that room, but it is always great to have options and your guests will enjoy the sophisticated design and the opportunity of curling up with a good book. Turning your library into a guest room or the other way round, is sure to impress with style and literary prowess, I am sure even Will would approve.

This does not mean that the only shelves turned beds available look like libraries from times gone by. There are many designs available that take the younger generations and more streamlined looks in account in the design of their library beds and create beds with sleek lines and smart finishes. If you have a library but no room for guests or have a guest room and have been looking for an excuse to create a library in your home, this is your chance.

Kids’ Bedroom-Playroom

Are you fed up with the cluttered mess in your kid’s room? Do you trip and get stuck every other step? A wallbed can be a great way to create space and make the room look nice again. Choose a wall bed that your youngster will like. Maybe something with a unique designs that integrates his or her favorite character. Or maybe something with book shelves and drawers where you can hide the small knick knacks and other items. Start your wall bed DIY project today!

If the children’s rooms are small and don’t offer much space to play, a Murphy bed can create the play space they crave and need. By being able to fold up a bed during the day, you turn dead space into a fantastic play area and make the room appear bigger. If you are working with a really narrow room, a horizontal wallbed or a hidden bed can be a great option. These types of beds often have a desk incorporated in them or shelving for toys and books. No matter what type of Murphy bed you end up choosing, your offspring will be grateful for the additional space they have during the day to build their race track and host a tea party.

Craft Room-Extra Bedroom

If you enjoy doing crafts such as sewing, knitting, scrapbooking or anything else along those lines, your spare bedroom may seem like the perfect place to set up-until your mother comes to visit. A wallbed can create the space when you need it to finish your latest project and even give you enough space for a work desk or sewing machine. Then when mom sleeps over, you can fold down the bed and she has a comfortable bed of her own. Nobody wants to sleep on the couch. Especially not your mom.

These fantastic wall beds have built in desks or are adjacent to a work area which gives the room a cohesive look and not the disjointed appearance of a room that has been jumbled together with different pieces and styles of furniture. Bonus: leave out your latest projects for mom and other overnight guests to admire!

Living Room- Bedroom

If you are living in a small space, as many of us are today, then you will come to enjoy the many benefits a wall or Murphy bed has to offer. During the day you have enough room to lounge and watch TV or entertain guests and at night, the bed transforms your entertainment space in a cozy oasis. Wall beds with shelving and integrating lighting or attached sofas are especially suitable for this dual use scenario and take your room from living to sleeping with nothing but the touch of your finger.

These beds also come in a myriad of options making sure that your living room does not look like a transformed bedroom, during the day.

Lift and Stor is known for its great inventory of wall, Murphy and storage beds. If you are good with tool, you may want to try our great and easy to use DIY wallbed kits. We understand how important it can be for some rooms to perform double duty. Check out our gallery or contact us today to find the wall bed solution that will make your room twice as nice.

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