Your Ultimate Murphy Bed Buying Guide

Your Ultimate Murphy Bed Buying Guide

Your Ultimate Murphy Bed Buying Guide

Here are a few benefits of reducing clutter in your home through the use of space-saving beds.

A Murphy bed is an excellent investment for any home. Not only does it look stylish and offer a comfortable night’s sleep, but it also helps you to maximize the space in a room. Don’t have a separate room for a guest space and an office space? Get a Murphy wall bed and make the room work as both. Don’t have enough space in your kids’ rooms for all their toys and their bed? A Murphy bed can help you make room for both.

This space-saving bed folds against the wall when not in use, clearing up the floor area or revealing a drop-down desk or even a sofa. There are many different options for these beds. Here are a few things you need to know about your options:

Vertical Fold

MostMurphy wall beds fold up vertically. You push the bed up starting from the foot, and it stands on its tallest end when folded away. Most vertical-folding beds are designed to fit standard ceilings. However, you may run into some trouble if you have an extra-long bed or shorter ceilings. You’ll need to take measurements of both to make sure the bed will fit in the space.

Horizontal Fold

A horizontal-folding bed is also available for those who have shorter ceilings. The bed folds on its side, so it takes up a longer section of your wall. You’ll save floor space, but you will take up more wall space with this style. It’s a minor trade off since you would only be sacrificing room for shelving and art work.


Some Murphy wall beds> use a spring mechanism, while others use a piston mechanism for the lift. Generally, a piston mechanism is easier to manage since it supports a lot of the weight of the bed and its platform. If your grip slips, the bed won’t slam down with a piston. It will slowly lower.


Buying Guide for Murphy Beds
Murphy wall beds can either be mounted on the floor or the wall. Generally, wall-mounted beds are sturdier since they have more traction on a larger space. Otherwise, the choice is an aesthetic one. Do you have floors that can take the holes you will drill into them? Or would you prefer those holes to go into the wall?

Materials and Sizing

Murphy wall beds come in a wide variety of materials and styles, so you should be able to find one that matches your decor. The beds also come in all the standard sizes of traditional beds, including twin, queen, and king.

Lift & Stor Beds has a large variety of Murphy beds to help you find just the right characteristics you need. We have different sizes and designs, and all our beds are made with the highest-quality materials for durability and beauty. They are made with a hydraulic mechanism that makes them easy to use even after many years. Contact us by phone or email to find the Murphy wall bed that is right for your home.

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