Elegant Wall Beds For Elegant Homes

Arizona custom built furniture is the perfect furniture solution for any room, that would solve storage problems once and for all. Whether the house is crowded or cramped due to poor organization and limited area, this furniture makes space for people in the house to move around comfortably.

Wall Beds or Murphy Wall Beds

When it’s not fair to compromise on essential space that would have been used for other important purposes, Murphy wall beds can come to the rescue of anyone living in a small room, tiny apartment or a mobile home.

Storage Beds

The possibility that any clothes and accessories of any kind that wouldn’t fit into the space underneath a storage bed is quite remote. They also come with separate storage units for storing shoes, drawers for stationary and shelves for separating items, that can slide or fit neatly into the default storage box. The absence of a box spring in these beds make the bed lighter and allow for more under storage space. Frames for storage beds are sold in wood or metal finish, with over a dozen colors and styles such as sleigh bed, headboard with bookshelf, trundle and captain style. The size of the bed in every case is specifically tied to the number of storage boxes it can hold. For example, a double storage bed allows for up to twelve drawers and king bed up to sixteen.

Hidden beds

Hidden beds cover everything that are lacking in other types of beds. These beds are sophisticated enough to transform themselves into a reading desk, shelves or a space to store computer and accessories. In addition to doubling the space in the room, hidden beds can be made to serve as a couch, when not in use as a bed.

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