Save Space and Look Great with Real Wood Murphy Wall Beds

How to save space in your home with murphy wall beds by Lift & StorMurphy beds for years had fallen out of style, as you had to pull the bed out of a folded up wall, causing you to remake some of the cushions and covers. However, these beds are incredibly useful if you are looking for a way to save space inside a house. The wall beds just fold right back up into the wall, as if nothing is there. It is perfect for when you need a bed for visiting relatives or friends.

With Murphy wall beds, you don’t have to dedicate a room specifically to being a second or guest bedroom. The Murphy bed just folds right up into the wall, giving you all the floor space you normally would have without a bed present at all. So you can still have an office space if the house is small enough, yet you need room for your guests to crash at.

When you live in Arizona, you generally don’t have a basement. Without basement space, you have little room for additional rooms and bedrooms, and unless you want to add onto your current house, which may cost thousands upon thousands of dollars (let alone going through all the necessary permits), the best way to give yourself extra space, without actually spending too much money on the project, is through Murphy beds. You do need the right wall size in order to have the Murphy wall beds installed, otherwise there is not enough room for the bed to fold up into. Due to this, you may need one of the walls enlarged in a certain area, just to allow the bed to fold up, but outside of this, you aren’t going to lose any space at all.

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