Make a Style and Design Statement with Raised Panels on a Murphy Wall Bed

Murphy bedThe days of a Murphy bed being an ugly eyesore on your wall are no longer. We take great satisfaction in our styles and may make a design which may complement any style and budget. This particular design features raised panels on the face and sides of the bed, though we couldn’t stop there!! All the doors, drawers, and end panels on the office desk are raised panels too. This room produces a big style and design statement. If you will have company several times per year, why deal with that queen bed the remainder of the year? A Murphy Wallbed takes up about 16″ of living space from the wall while shut. The rest of the area is usable for anything else you need. No need to fight closing and opening a sofa bed when you’ve got a Murphy wall bed. It takes just just a few seconds to open or shut the bed and all the bed sheets can remain on the mattress.

Arizona Murphy Wall BedFor those who have an additional bedroom, bonus area, or recreation room, you may get multiple functions out of that same space or room. You don’t need to give up a full room to a guest area. Keep the guest area and make use of the rest of the room as a workplace, craft room, sewing room, or play space for the kids.

We started out with a clear slate in a guest space. We worked very closely with the customer to ensure we totally recognized exactly what the consumer wished for.

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