Creative Ideas for Organizing Your Arizona Storage Bed Storage

Creative Ideas for Organizing Your Arizona Storage Bed Storage!

Creative Ideas for Organizing Your Arizona Storage Bed Storage!

Here are a few creative ideas of making the most of your under-bed storage.

Most of us struggle with having enough storage space in our homes. We tend to accumulate a lot of stuff over the years, and all that stuff can start to clutter up our homes. Closets only provide so much room, and unless you want to invest in an addition, you need to get smart about creating more storage space in your home.

A platform storage bed is a great solution for small apartments or even larger homes. You can purchase storage beds for kids or adults, in twin, full, queen and king sizes. The beds include a hydraulic platform for the mattress, and when you raise it, you reveal a storage area taking up the entire space under the bed.

Unless you want the space under your storage bed to turn into a no man’s land for things that you just throw haphazardly under there, you need to think carefully about creating a system that keeps things tidy and easy to find. Here are a few things to think about for creating your under-bed storage:

What to Store

The options for what you can store under your bed are endless. However, while you can store anything under your bed, you should focus instead on items that you aren’t going to use all the time but that you still want to have at hand. Out-of-season clothing and linens are great choices to store under your bed since you don’t use them frequently but need them often enough that you don’t want to put them in the attic.

Some other good items to store under your bed include shoes, books, puzzles and games, gift wrap, cards and other mementos, DVDs and other media, craft supplies, luggage, and sporting equipment like skis or tennis rackets. Store items according to the room. For example, put puzzles and games under storage beds for kids and recreational items under storage beds in your guest rooms.

Organizing Ideas

Again, if you don’t have an organizational plan for your platform storage bed online, it will turn into an oversized toy box where you have to dig through a pile of things to find what you want. Use fabric bins, tupperware containers, or even cardboard boxes to store your items. It is best to leave the lids off these containers so that you can easily see and access what’s inside.
storage bed organizing ideas
Also consider customizing your storage bed with the addition of wooden dividers. You will essentially create permanent storage compartments under the bed. This will save you having to invest in or replace the organizing bins. Additionally, you can save even more with a DIY storage bed kit.

If you don’t already have a platform storage bed, we encourage you to explore our catalog at Lift & Stor Beds to find a model that will look great in your home and give you the additional storage space you need. We have storage beds in all sizes, as well as storage beds for kids. You can also choose the options for the finish, ensuring that the bed matches your decor. For a variety of storage bed kits and DIY storage bed kits online, trust Lift & Stor Beds. Contact us today for more information.

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