3 Reasons a Hidden Wall Bed with a Desk will Increase Your Productivity this School Year

3 Reasons a Wall Bed with a Desk will Increase Your Productivity this School Year

3 Reasons a Hidden Wall Bed with a Desk will Increase Your Productivity this School Year
Find out how a Lift & Stor wall bed desk can increase your productivity this school year

A college dorm is little more than a glorified closet. You’ll be lucky if you have space for more than your bed. You can feel like you’re living the high life if you have space for your bed and a desk.

Fortunately, a hidden bed with desk allows you to have the space for both even if you live in the smallest of dorms. The wall bed lifts up to reveal a desk below it. While the bed is against the wall, the desk platform folds down, providing a surface to do your work. The best wall beds keep the desk level while you raise and lower the mattress, meaning that you can even keep your laptop plugged in at the desk.

A hidden wall bed with desk isn’t just a great piece of space saving furniture. It can also help you to improve your productivity (and thereby keep your grades up). Here’s how:

Reduce Clutter

When there is a lot of clutter in your room, it doesn’t just make it hard for you to get around or to find things. It can also make it hard for you to think clearly. Physical clutter = mental clutter. Installing a hidden desk bed can help you reduce the pieces of furniture in your dorm and minimize the clutter, making it easier for you to concentrate when you sit down to study.

Improve Organization

Before you can start studying or working on your next class project or paper, you need to have all the materials on hand. You need your books, your notes, your paper, your pen, your calculator and so on. But, wait. Where is your cheat sheet of programming short cuts? Maybe you left it on your nightstand. No, maybe it’s in your backpack.

When you have a wall bed with desk, you can keep all your study materials in the same place. You don’t have to look for your notes, your books or any other materials. They will be right where you need them, helping you to save time and get down to business. You can spend more time studying, and you can focus better because you don’t have to spend mental energy on searching for items or organizing your space.

Minimize Distractions

Wall beds help you to minimize distractions that can derail your study sessions. Think about it: You are sitting in your bed propped up against a pillow and reading your book. You start to feel comfortable. Maybe a bit too comfortable. Next thing you know, you are taking a quick nap or making a call to a friend instead.

With a wall bed with desk, you have to put the bed away to use the desk. The bed won’t be a temptation at all because it will be out of sight out of mind. You’ll have a proper desk and chair in which to do your work, which can help you focus and be more efficient in your studies.

Lift & Stor Beds sells a variety of wall beds to meet the needs of any space. You can find a wall bed with desk, wall bed with sofa, or wall bed with shelving and more. You can create a sitting area or an entire study space or home office. They are ideal for dorm rooms and other small spaces since they provide multifunctionality in a single piece of furniture. Explore our catalog to discover wall beds and other space saving furniture to get the solutions you need for your dorm room, home or office.

Contact us today to learn what we can do for your custom office bed needs.

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