How A Hidden Desk Bed Can Help Keep Your Kids Room Organized This School Year

Hidden beds help organize kids rooms
As another school year begins the kids will undoubtedly start to put those new notebooks and backpacks to work you bought them last month. Their pencils are sharpened and so are their brains but now you have to find them somewhere quiet but spacious enough to do their homework. As your kids get bigger the space for them seems to get smaller, doesn’t it? Now it’s time to think about a hidden desk bed. And why not? It’s the perfect opportunity for your kids to manage their own rooms while keeping 1st period’s homework separate from art class. This space-saving furniture for kids not only provides them a desk of their own but also a place to keep all of those textbooks and binders and Crayola Crayons without turning their bed into an unorganized, impromptu locker.

The organization that is offered from a hidden bed is unparalleled. Whether you’re short on space or not, it keeps the kid’s room clean and uncluttered from too much furniture. No longer can they say they lost their homework because with this space-saving bed, their desk stays right under the bed, even when they go to bed after finishing those math problems.

The hidden desk bed is easy to operate, allowing your kids to open the bed or bring the desk back up without always having to yell, “Mom” or “Dad” for help. And when they do decide to call it a night and pull down the bed, everything on their desk stays there because the desk just pivots down to the floor. They can even keep their computer on the desk. Don’t you worry either about it being possibly flimsy or cheaply made. Every hidden desk bed can hold up to 1700 lbs since they are made of solid wood construction.

Customizing and Organizing Your Kid’s Space

Looking for customization or ideas on using hidden desk beds? Your kids want their own unique bed? Each bed is built to order and can include custom cabinetry to the size your kids need, custom headboards, and even custom varnish or paint to match your kid’s favorite color. One of your kid’s bigger than the other? You can pick from three different sizes of mattresses. Or just pick all Queens and let them grow into it so they’ll have it for many school years to come. Plus, once you make the decision to help your kids keep themselves organized this school year, the bed will be brought in by professional installers and they will have the kid’s new hidden desk bed assembled in approximately an hour. Besides, who has time to put a bed together between taking the kids from soccer practice, to trombone lessons, and sleepovers?

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