The Top 5 Most Popular Bed Types

When you are ready to go shopping for a new bed, you have a lot more options than whether to get a queen or a king. The style of bed you choose will not only influence its overall aesthetic but also its functionality.

Here are the top five most popular bed types to consider when you are next shopping for a new set:

Beautiful Murphy Wall Bed By Lift & Stor Beds

The Top 5 Most Popular Bed Types
Lift & Stor Beds discuss the top five most popular bed types to consider when you are next shopping for a new set!

1. Murphy Wall Beds

Murphy wall beds help you to maximize your space by clearing up the square footage that your mattress takes up. The mattress lifts up and is stored against the wall when not in use. When the mattress is put away, the bed looks like a cabinet.

Bookcases, shelves, sofas, and desks can all be attached to the wall bed unit to improve its functionality. You can use a wall bed to make the space double as a home office, or you can put a wall bed in your living room to create an additional guest space.

DIY kits give you the option to customize your wall bed. You can add different features and create the look you want. Anyone who can put together cabinets can put together DIY kits for wall beds.

2. Platform Beds

Platform beds feature a mattress on top of a wooden platform. You won’t see any open space under the bed, and you won’t see any bare metal from the frame.

Platform beds lend an air of luxury to your room. You’ll feel like a king sitting atop your royal bed. Of course, the downside is that platform beds take up quite a bit of space. If you have a small room, you might not be able to accommodate a platform bed.

3. Canopy Beds

Canopy beds are popular choices for those looking to create a sophisticated look, as well. They feature a traditional wooden frame and headboard — except there is a frame that extends up from the footboard and headboard. The frame can be covered in a curtain or tapestry if you choose.

When you climb into a canopy bed, you’ll feel like you are enveloped in the womb. The curtains can block out light and sound, helping you to get a more restful sleep.

4. Storage Beds

The area below your bed is usually just wasted space. If you’re not an especially tidy housekeeper, you might just shove whatever you can under the bed to “clean” and get things out of sight. Yet cramming things under your bed isn’t really cleaning or organizing.

A storage bed creates functional space under your bed for storage. Lift the mattress on the hydraulic platform, and you’ll reveal an enclosed space that is perfect for storing your extra clothing, shoes, or boxes of mementos. The bed looks like a stylish platform bed, but it provides hidden storage to help you reduce clutter in the room.

5. Sleigh Beds

Sleigh beds look exactly like they sound: Like sleighs. The headboard is high and curves back, while the footboard is also higher than usual but curves forward. The mattress is higher than most mattresses, making you feel like you are stepping up into an actual sleigh.

Like platform and canopy beds, sleigh beds take up a good bit of space, so you’ll need a big bedroom if you have your eye on this design.

If you are looking for beautiful and functional beds that will help you maximize your space instead of taking up more of it, Lift & Stor Beds sells a variety of storage beds and wall beds, that will fit your needs. Our beds are stylish, and they will give you more storage space. You can reduce clutter or make room for that guest room or home office you’ve always wanted. Our DIY bed kits give you the option to customize your bed how you like, so you can fit any design aesthetic. Browse our online store today!

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