Saving Space With A Wall Bed VS. Sofa Bed

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Wall Beds

Are you lacking space? Have a small room? You can solve these issues with these few options I have for you! The best option to go with is getting a Murphy wall bed! Having a multi-functional room is very beneficial when you have a problem with lacking space.

Do you have a guest room and hardly have guests stay over? Do you need extra room but you lack space in a room? You can now keep it in use with a hidden wall bed. This Murphy bed can come into use when needed but remains hidden otherwise.

Sofa Beds

There is another option for you if a murphy bed isn’t for you. If you live in a studio apartment or don’t have a guest bedroom, the Sofa Bed is your better option. As you can keep it a sofa most of the time and convert it into a bed whenever is needed. With a sofa bed, most aren’t comfy and you’ll need to store any pillows and blankets in a closet or elsewhere. If you’d like a more high quality comfortable one, it’ll be a bit more pricey.

Sofa beds are a better option for a temporary use. Having it long term may get frustrating or uncomfortable for a while. The murphy bed is the better option only if you have a little bit of extra space for it and have guest stay for a longer period of time.

murphy wall bedHaving your murphy bed will always depend on the choice of quality mattress you choose. If you chose to have a heavy mattress, you can’t have it go to use for your murphy bed. Most of the Murphy mattresses go on sale every once in awhile, keep a lookout for sales for a good quality comfortable mattress for a better price.


As I we went over the pros and cons of sofa beds and wall beds. Seems to me Murphy Wall Beds are a little better, but it’ll be in your best interest of what choice works better for you. They are both great inventions and very beneficial.

Lift & Stor Beds has a great variety furniture selection to choose from. We also have a product of storage beds that can help save a little bit of space as well. As well, we provide custom entertainment centers and custom office furniture. For more information contact us today or to take a personal look at our products, come visit us in store.

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