Are our Murphy Beds Comfortable?

Is your Arizona home lacking some serious organization or space? A murphy bed could be just the thing you need. However, nobody wants to sacrifice comfort for extra space. Is a space saving murphy wall bed just as comfortable as a regular bed? Read on to learn more about why Lift & Stor Beds’ quality murphy beds are not only a great space solution, but also crazy comfortable.

murphy beds comfortable

Not all murphy beds are the same

Space saving murphy wall beds vary wildly between size, width, height, additions, and many other factors. Many murphy beds come with an attached mattress, but can also have your own choice of mattress installed. Whether you have a full, twin, queen, king, or california king sized mattress or want one install, there is a murphy bed that can be built to fit your mattress needs. It is important to note, though, that if you want a relatively flat murphy wall bed, you might have to sacrifice a fairly thick spring mattress or go with a murphy bed with a bit more depth. There is always the option of a memory foam mattress if you really want a thinner murphy bed as well.

The big question – Are murphy beds comfortable?

The answer is yes, yes they are. Very comfortable, in fact. The space saving murphy wall bed usually has a flat, even base for your mattress to be placed on. Murphy beds are built to be just slightly wider than your mattress of choice for a snug, perfect fit. A murphy bed’s base is not much different than your standard bed frame or box spring.

Will a foam mattress be comfortable in a murphy bed frame?

Absolutely! As stated before, murphy beds are simply bed frame. You can fit your own mattress into the murphy bed fairly easily. If you own a memory foam mattress that does not fit perfectly into your murphy bed frame, you are in luck. You can easy trim off some of your memory foam mattress to get a perfect fit without compromising comfort.

If I am not sure about the comfort of a murphy bed, why not just go for a futon?

If you want to sacrifice comfort and style, purchasing a futon would be a better alternative to a murphy bed for you. It may seem like a safer choice, but you are risking some serious comfort loss. One of the biggest appealing qualities to murphy beds is that that are actual, real beds– not the lumpy thin sleeping surface guests in your Arizona home are too often stuck with when they sleep on a futon. A murphy bed is simply a bedframe meant to accompany your choice of mattress. Plus, they look beautiful and save way more space than a futon or pull out bed.

Will the weight of my mattress and self affect the safety of my murphy bed?

This is a valid concern. It would be quite scary to place a heavier mattress on your murphy bed and have the bed fall down while in the upright storage position. It would be just as scary for the weight of a heavy mattress along with a sleeping couple to have the attaching mechanisms fail and pull the entire murphy bed frame down. Nobody wants to be pancaked by their murphy bed. Fortunately, you can rest with easy. Our murphy beds are sturdy and made from quality materials that will hold up well. comfortable murphy bedsIf you are concerned still, we have a team of talented and informative professional murphy bed builders that can address your concerns and other possible options to help you sleep with ease.

Why is Lift & Stor Beds the best option for purchasing a murphy wall bed?

If you live in Arizona, Lift & Stor Beds is simply the best outlet for murphy beds that you can find. Located in Mesa, Arizona, Lift & Stor Beds has been providing the Valley with quality custom built murphy and wall beds since the early nineties. We boast a team of talented professional builders who have the experience and expertise to build you the murphy bed that is perfect for your space. More of a do it yourself kind of person? Lift & Stor Beds also offers do it yourself kits for murphy beds that include all the hardware you need to build your own quality wall bed for less of a cost. Give us a call today to learn more about our murphy beds and get on the road to a less cluttered lifestyle.

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