Give Your Office a Facelift this Summer with Space Saving Beds

Give Your Home Office A  Facelift This Summer With A Transforming Murphy Wall BedHaving a home office can help you be more productive whether you are working from home on the weekends and after hours or you are running a business out of your home full-time. Yet you may find yourself wrestling with the idea of turning that space into a guest room, knowing that you have regular family visitors that can make the living room awfully cramped when they are bunking on the couch.

By using a transforming space saving bed, you can have your office and guest bedroom, too. This space-saving furniture helps you to get more out of the room, making it do double duty as both your office and your guest bedroom.

Bed Types

Hidden Beds, Murphy Beds & Storage Beds

You have many options for storage beds to create your office and guest room hybrid. The hidden bed is a bed that folds down when you need it at night. When it’s not in use, the bed is pushed up inside a cabinet that converts to a desk. You just pull down a platform on the wall to create a desk space. (This platform is underneath the bed when it is in use.) The entire unit is surrounded by cabinets, drawers and shelves to store your books, important documents and other items. You can set up an entire home office in this small space, yet also have the room for guests to bunk down at night.

Other types of wall beds fold up into cabinets or feature paneling on the underside to look like they are part of the wall itself when they are not in use. By choosing the right type of bed, you will get the functionality you need and the look you want for the space.

Different Finishes

Each Murphy wall bed or other storage bed comes in a range of finishes to help you get the look you want. You can choose different stains or even paint the unit a different color so that it can match your décor. Molding and other accessories can complete the desired look.

By making these selections, you can help the unit blend in with other accessories, such as filing cabinets or dressers, creating a cohesive look for both your office and your guest room.

How Lift & Stor Beds Can Help

Lift & Stor Beds is a quality provider of Murphy wall beds and other types of storage beds. We carry an extensive line of space saving beds to help you find the options you need. You can easily organize your own home office space with a Lift & Stor bed, helping you to turn one room into both a productive work area and a welcome haven for guests. You no longer have to trip over people camped out on your couch.

We ship our beds throughout the country. Check out our online store to find the right bed you need to start organizing your home office and to make more room for your guests.

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