What are some features that I should look at in a wallbed or murphy bed?

What are some features that I should look at in a Wallbed or Murphy Bed?
All murphy beds, wall-beds, and DIY storage beds are not created equal. When shopping for a wall-bed, the mechanism used should be the most important feature. Always insist on a spring balanced mechanism for durability. You will be spending a considerable amount of money for a good murphy bed or wall-bed, so you want it to last forever.

The other factor to consider is who is constructing the cabinetry and the materials that they will be using. The two most important things to ask are, “what type of material will be used, what type of core is in the plywood, and what type of finish is used. There are many different grades of plywood available and some are import and domestic. Domestic is always a better choice for plywood and always insist on a classic core. A good finish should be obvious by look and touch. You should not feel any rough spots when touching the wood.

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